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heyy, dental babes! you’re probably wondering who the FULCRUM i am but my name is caitlyn and i am the founder of DHN! for three years it has been my mission to make dentistry more FUN and to make US feel proud to be a dental professional every. single. day. and let’s just say we’ve had a pretty good time hanging out with all of you and spreading our love of dentistry while doing it! now, let’s fast forward to this year – january 2018 to be exact – when we launched our BE THE GOLD TOOTH champagne   (i mean campaign). we went a little deep and close to the heart for this one, because BE THE GOLD TOOTH has hit home with me for many reasons and i’m about to tell you WHY. first, back when i was in hygiene school, i remember seeing my FIRST gold tooth. you just stop in your tracks, your jaw drops, and you can’t get over how it’s still so shiny through all that plaque. it’s not like those cloudy amalgams you have to constantly polish to even get remotely pretty again. this gold tooth is a show stopper. it stands out amongst ALL the other teeth. i wanted to be like that gold tooth, someone who would stand out for all that’s good in the world, someone who would make the world brighter. through observing our profession and comments made from various acquaintances throughout my journey, i would, unfortunately, hear some negative comments about working in dentistry, which clouded my positive thoughts. it hindered my excitement for the industry in which i would be pursuing my career (yes, i’m a professional tooth fairy RDH too!) which was discouraging. as a young dental dreamer, this made me question my journey. this negative energy spread from one person to another like the leaky amalgam that turns all surrounding teeth black. i saw many attacking their fellow professionals for things they didn’t know instead of teaching them something new or guiding them in the right direction. in a career that i was SO PROUD of, it really hurt me to see people act this way . it was then i realized, it doesn’t have to be that way! WE can make a difference together and spread awareness of our profession and show how AWESOME it really is. (yes, sometimes we can get a little stressed, but what job doesn’t have that?!) i’d much rather be saving smiles than answering emails in a cubicle ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. so, what i ask from each of you is...hey, let’s do this TOGETHER. let’s put a stop to those negative comments. let’s lift each other up. let’s fight FOR one another. together, we can make our profession great! let’s show the world what a dental professional ACTUALLY does. be the gold tooth, my dental babes. wear it proud and let it shine bright.


wear it with me!

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