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Mother Earth needs a Gold Tooth, too!

Happy Earth Day, Dental Babes!

Every day we strive to be the best versions of ourselves, doesn’t it only make sense that we help our planet be the best version of itself too? Especially because the earth obviously can’t help itself. Now, more than ever, the earth needs its people to do everything they can to live an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

Are we expecting you to fully change your life? Of course not. However, many people don’t realize how easy it is to change little things they do every day to help the earth. Not sure where to start? As usual, Dental babes, we got your back! :)

We went around the office to ask each member of our Dental Squad what their favorite way to help Mother Nature was; and we must say…we got some pretty good answers!

Here are the things WE do every day to help our environment! We feel that by doing our part for the planet, it helps us feel more accomplished AND boosts our moods! 

“My favorite thing to do to help be more environmentally friendly is to turn off lights and water while I am not using them. This may seem simple, and you may think you already do it, but if you consciously make an effort to turn both off EVERY second you aren’t using them…you’d be surprised at how much you less you'll actually use! I’m also very cautious of using heat and AC, any time the weather is between 65-75 degrees, both are off and the windows are open! Fresh air helps me have a clear mind!” –Brittany, Marketing

“Being the Chief Dental Babe, I feel that it’s important to set a good example for my Dental Squad. I do so by doing a number of things at the DHN HQ:

-we use a refillable water cooler, instead of individual water bottles
-we have numerous recycling trash bins around the office
-we recycle ALL the cardboard our products come in (and trust me, it’s a lot!)

When it comes to my clinical life, here are common items to be recycled and hacks in the opp!

-Caviwipe containers
-Listerine bottles
-Using metal air/water tips
-Using rubber gloves when loading the autoclave
Hu-Friedy’s Environdent® Program! Recycle old scalers for new ones! (more information)

*Reminder! When recycling, make sure items are loose and not in plastic bags, or shopping bags.  Plastic bags can jam in the recycling process.  Plastic bags should be taken to your local shopping center that has a recycling drop off. 

I’m so proud of my Dental Babes for being more environmentally friendly! Be the change you want to see in the world… BE the gold tooth!”  –Caitlyn, CEO

“Being in sales has me on my laptop and my phone a lot. If I’m not on the phone, I’m sending an email. If I’m not sending an email, I’m sending a text. Sometimes I feel like the rest of the world is right there with me! I’m indoors for most of my day-to-day work-tasks, but I make a conscious effort to get outdoors for at least a few hours a weekend. My girlfriend and I take walks and pick up litter on the way. Every bit counts!” – John, Sales

“Well I’m kind of an earth-freak, so I’ll try and pick some of the different ways I like to help Mother Nature.  I use shampoo and conditioner bars to help eliminate the plastic bottles we throw away and use coconut oil to shave to eliminate waste from aluminum shaving cans. I home-make all my house cleaners, too! This eliminates waste from pre-bottled products and makes my house smell even more fresh! I also LOVE my Quip toothbrush. The packaging and brush heads are fully recyclable.” –Courtney, Marketing

“I love to cook! I’m always at the grocery store. I bring my own reusable bags though. It’s crazy how much plastic and paper we waste by bagging and double bagging groceries! Plus, the bags are bigger so I can bring everything into the house in one trip...bonus!” –Hannah, Apparel Model

What are you waiting for, Dental Babes? Get out there and help save the world…one smile at a time! 


Yasmine Zazi

These are great ideas!

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