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Spring Box Release

It’s clear that Dental Hygiene Nation is determined to make the dental profession fun. We truly enjoy making adorable, dental themed outerwear and accessories for dental enthusiasts and providing a one-of-a-kind scrub for every dental worker. While all of these things are important to DHN, it’s also important to us to advocate how crucial it is to take care of your teeth, mouth and gums. Through plenty of research, we found a company who wants to make the ACT of personal dental hygiene just as fun as we want to make the career. This tool is so innovative and impressive that it was a ‘no brainier’ to include it as the star of this seasons subscription box….Dental babes, meet Flosstime.



Flosstime is committed to building simple, elegant products to encourage better oral health habits & prevent issues before they become problems. They believe some of the greatest challenges to dental health can be solved with beautiful design, modern technology, and proven habit-forming processes…and we agree! 

Flosstime is an innovative gadget that lives where you brush your teeth; yep, right on your bathroom mirror. It’s a circular device, filled with floss that disperses the perfect amount at the touch of a button. As if it being directly in front of you while you’re brushing doesn’t remind you to floss, the frowning face it gives you when it’s inactive for 24 hours certainly will! TIP: if you're using Flosstime in the operatory, click the top right corner of the circle to dispense extra floss at any time!

Wanna try it out for yourself? Head to their site, linked above, and use code: 30daychallenge to get yourself, patients, friends or family $5.00 off on any purchase over $25.00 at Smile Pronto!


Alright stop, collaborate and listen...This FLOSS, FLOSS, BABY travel pouch completes our life on the go.  The perfect place to hide your 10 million sample size toothpastes and travel toothbrushes. Yes, 10 million fit in there... (jk, but seriously a lot!) 

PEARLY WIPES - $8.95 (for full size product)

We’ve paired our flossolicious (yes we made this a word) box with one of our life-long besties, Wine Wipe’s brother, PEARLY WIPES! You may have been lucky enough to use Vanity Project’s product “Wine Wipes” with either our Summer Subscription box or with our WINE NOW Bundle…either way, we’re sure you loved it! Wine Wipes are individual pads taken from a mirror compact case that are used after sipping your favorite red wine to rid of purple lips/teeth. Pearly Wipes are the same, except are more versatile and can be used at any time for a quick clean feeling! Our favorite time to use them is after our morning coffee, smell ya later coffee breath and stains!


Lastly this bada$$ Sticker Pack! Who doesn't love showing their dental love literally. everywhere.  Phone cases, laptops, notebooks... ENDLESS. Find 'em here! 
We hoped you loved our Spring Subscription box as much as we did, Dental Babes! The summer box is in the works…the countdown is on! Until then, stay flossin’! 

*If you weren’t lucky enough to be subscribed to this seasons subscription box...
*ADDITIONAL spots for the Summer Shipment will be opening up shortly through the waitlist*



Omg. Please discard my comment. I just realized this is for 2018. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

Chantel Anderson

Is this what was suppose to be in the spring box?
Because I received something different. Are the boxes different?
But I did love what was in my dental box.

Thannia Guardado

How do i get one???


I’m very very excited to try the automatic floss dispenser! My best friend(RDH as well) has had this floss dispenser in her Amazon cart for a year now! But I am in LOVE with my floss, floss baby pouch and stickers!


Love, love, love this box and can not wait to use the automatic floss dispenser!! One question, are the stickers water resistant?

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