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Dental Bestie? More like Dental Sistaaa.

Happy National Siblings Day, Dental Babes!

Whether you're an only child or missin' your siblings back home...this blog will make you feel grateful to have a Dental Bestie who's like family to you.

While growing up and going to college, many of us had to say goodbye (for at least a few months) to our brothers/sisters; and yaknow, when you get older and start to actually miss your siblings, that can be tough! ;) Your siblings become your very best friends, they know things about you that nobody else does and have an understanding of your life from a different perspective. 
Whether you’re an only child or missing your siblings from back home, DHN is going to remind you, on National Siblings Day, why your Dental Besties fill the void in your heart while you’re away from your fam!
Isn’t it amazing how quickly the girl you met first day of bio quickly turned into your BFF, soul sista and someone who makes you think, ‘where ya been all my life!?’ Your college friends are special… they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with you, they listen to your ups and down (over pizza of course), they stand up for you when you’re right (and probably when you’re wrong too) and they are your partners in crime.
What’s even better than that? When your college BFF/roomie is also sharing the pain (and the gainzzzz) of becoming a dental professional. Sure, you have your non-dental crew…and they’re awesome! But there’s something special about walking to clinic at 6am with someone who’s with you not only step by step there, but yawn by yawn.

They make even the most intolerable moments of school tolerable. They may critique you (and not over that one-too-many glass of wine you had last night.) They critique your skills, how you you can better slay decay, they give you advice (and vice versa) and help you become, not just better, but a better version of you. They understand that clinic instructor is sometimes a litttttle too hard on you and take your side during any given vent-sesh. They understand you miss your real fam, but they try to be your fam-away-from-home.
Your study buddy. Your shoulder to cry on. Your BFF. You sista from another mista. Your person. Your school-sib. We couldn’t do life without em, and we’d certainly never fulfill our dream of becoming a RDH without their support and understanding. To all the Dental Besties out there, we love you and appreciate you! Keep empowering one another, be each other’s gold tooth.

Wanna show your Dental Bestie how much you love and appreciate them on Siblings Day? Remind them just how lucky you are to have them as your second fam? DHN’s got you covered…..


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