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Getting Groovy with DHN's 4910

Getting Groovy with DHN's 4910

Let's get groovy, dental babes

Our 2020 fall box is like nothing you've ever seen before! We've loaded you up with all the holographic goodness, from a holographic mirror you'll use by day and a toothy, holographic wine tumbler you'll use by night! Our dental besties at Zirc and Cocofloss wanted in on this disco party too, so enjoy some of our current industry faves!


Holographic X-Ray Pin - $10

Dental Hygiene Nation

Our holographic x-ray sticker was one of our most eye-catching and popular stickers to date! It only made sense for us to turn the cutest little sticker into the cutest little pin, exclusively for our subscribers! Accessorize your lanyard, backpack or work tote with our holographic x-ray pin!


Holographic Mirror - $20

Dental Hygiene Nation

You’ll be the coolest hygienist at your practice with this adorable holographic mirror! Saving smiles is already such a fun and rewarding job. Why not make it more fun by using colorful, eye catching instruments?!

Holographic Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler - $15

Dental Hygiene Nation

What better way to wind down a day of back to back patients than with a glass of wine? Trust us, it will taste better when it’s ice cold thanks to our holographic stainless steel tumbler… plus, everything tastes better when it comes from something toothy. Cheers to a disco party in your mouth!

Vanilla Bean or Passionfruit Dental Floss - $9


Speaking of parties in your mouth…have you tried the unique flavors of floss Cocofloss offers? Not only is their floss delicious, but it plays like a big old bouncer of your party, throwing out all the nasty plaque and germs! With 500+ textured filaments, your teeth will be scrubbed clean!

Purple Loupe Strap - $15

Dental Hygiene Nation

We aim to live up to our subscribers expectations, so when they give us a suggestion…we listen! Ask and you shall receive, dental babe! An exclusive loupe strap, included in your subscription box! Plus, it’s the color of Dental Hygiene, so you can feel even more proud rocking this on your loupes.


Holographic Tooth Sticker - $4

Dental Hygiene Nation

This vinyl sticker is totally groovy! It shows off the same type of shine you do, dental babe, bright and full of color! Rock this on your laptop, car, notebook or water bottle!

Mr. Thirsty Sample - $35


Your new BFF in the operatory, Mr. Thirsty! He’s a hands free suction device that lets you work continuously without the repeated use of a saliva ejector! A built in tongue and cheek retraction provides an unobstructed view of the quadrant and the bite block allows your patients jaw to rest while the continual suction keeps the airway clear! Let’s just say Mr. Thirsty will be #1 on your invite list.


Melissa Fresques

Is there any way I can purchase the September and October 2021 boxes?! I apologize for being late to the party, was just told about this and I’m obsessed with everything. I am a RDH in Denver CO

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