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A LOOK INSIDE: A Dental Babes Purse

A LOOK INSIDE: A Dental Babes Purse

A LOOK INSIDE: A Dental Babes Purse

“A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag, even when you get to the bottom of it…there’s always something there to surprise you.” –Billy Connolly

Isn’t it funny how men mock the size of our purses, “What do you have in that thing? A dead body?” “Seriously, Melissa…you probably don’t even use half that sh*t.”

* fast forward 25 minutes *

“Hey Melissa, do you have any lotion in there?” WUT. You just mocked my super cute ‘BODY BAG’ and now you wanna use my goods?! Ugh, ok…fine - but only because you're cute.

Let’s be real, a Dental Babes purse is filled much differently than the average Babes, right?! Three of our RDH’s took it upon themselves to go through their purses, here are the (not-so-surprising things) they found.

    1.  Travel toothbrush and paste. It’s not our beloved electric, but it will do after lunch. Plus, we leave the nitty gritty stuff for…

    2.  FLOSS. Need we say more? You never know when you’ll need it at that next red light. 
      3.  A bottle opener. Because GOD FORBID WE USE OUR TEETH. And because Happy Hour, duh. If you wanna get really toothy, check out this denture bottle opener - LOL 
        4.  ANNNND a straw, because uh, red wine at happy hour. DUH AGAIN. 
          5.  We look at mouths all day, I’ve seen the chappiest chapped lips ever…and the last place I want to see them again at the end of the day is in the mirror.
            6.  Mini deodorant, because class is hard and finals are hard and work is hard you don’t need pit stains to prove it.

            7.  Nail Polish Remover Wipes (YES THESE EXIST), because Dental Babes are cute… but their nails aren’t allowed to be. Sighhhh Hello hygiene school life saver!

            8.  Chewing Gum. Because a sink for our toothbrush isn’t always an option. Check out Project 7's Champagne Dreams Gum - because if you can’t drink Champagne all day, you might as well chew it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

            9.  Lotion and hand sanitizer. Because for one, gloves and patients. Don’t make me explain my germaphobia - it’s a dental thing. Oh, and lotion...because the cute guy asked you for some, remember?

            10.  TOOTH - YES WE SWEAR! This goes out to our dental babes in school because Dental Anatomy got you studying 24/7 and sometimes those study teeth make their way into your bag… comment if this has happened to you (WE KNOW WE’VE DONE IT).

            There you have it, Dental Babes. While the other miscellaneous items in your bag may vary, we’re willing to bet we all share most of the things above.

            What is YOUR must have in your purse?
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            Yasmine Zazi

            so cute ❤ ?


            If I had a dollar for every tooth I found trapped in my backpack I could retire from RDH LIFE!

            Josie Beltran

            Small pouch or small zippered cosmetic bag for feminine products ( liners, tampons, pads)!

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