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A Peak Inside: SUMMER BOX

A Peak Inside: SUMMER BOX

A look inside…


DHN’s SURPRISE Summer Box!

 If you were lucky enough to get your hands on our exclusive Surprise Summer Box, high-five to you, Dental Babe! If not, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the announcement of our FLOSSY FALL Box; && until then...dream of these goodies:


Wine Wipes: “Look good, drink well.”

In 2006, owner and founder, Kimberly Walker was faced with a big decision: 1. To force herself to switch to Chardonnay or 2. To develop a remedy to remove red wine strains from her teeth? Being the red-wine lover she is, Kimberly opted for option number two. After creating the formula to protect your enamel from acids in red wine while also removing the stain from teeth, Wine Wipes were born. We tried them and we loved them, so we figured you should too! CHEERS, DENTAL BABES! - SHOP

Lip Scrub:

We live every day looking into the mouths of patients with dry lips…we’ll be damned if we see them when we look in the mirror, too! This lip scrub feels as good as it smells! Hannah has worked to create the perfect mixture of supple and YUM for your lips. Small enough that it will fit in your purse, but packed with enough scrub to last! - SHOP

Tropical Paste:

It’s not everyday that Dental Babes like us would recommend a toothpaste without fluoride, but we just couldn’t pass up Radius’ mouthwatering flavors! The team of #girlbosses at Radius created a TOTALLY organic toothpaste with a touch of coconut oil in every tube. Why? They believe you should know every ingredient you put in your mouth and have some fun flavors too! - SHOP

Flamingo Drink Floatie and Dental Hygiene Nation Koozie:

Do these two even need introductions? You work hard, Dental Babe, so kick your feel up…or drop ‘em in the pool…and enjoy a cold one, or 5. - SHOP

Happy Hour Prophy Paste: 

Is there anything better than a fresh pack of Prophy Paste? Actually, there is! And it’s when they taste like your favorite cocktails! YOUNG Dental Provides many flavors of delicious prophy paste; from Vanilla Cupcake to Mojito flavored! We have a feeling you’ll be convinced you’re sipping a tropical drink in the hot, summer sun as soon as your start cleaning! - To Purchase - Check with your office rep or local Young representative

Dental Hygiene Nation Water Bottle:  

We know it’s hard to head to the break room for a drink while you’re cleaning teeth, Dental Babe. So we wanted to make sure you had a little something to sip from during the day…and we especially wanted to make sure it was toothified ;) SHOP

Dying for more, Dental Babe? We are too! So, make sure you follow us on IG, Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you’re not missing any DHN news, especially the next SURPRISE BOX!


Faith Turner

I would love one of these lovely boxes every month!

Jaimie Gracia

I would like to sign up.

Kim Newberg

I would like to sign up for monthly boxes

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