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YOU'RE IMPRESSIVE: DHN's 4910 Fall Box 2022

YOU'RE IMPRESSIVE: DHN's 4910 Fall Box 2022

You strive to make a greate impression on every single one of your patients! Our Fall 2022 Box is full of items to set you up for success in the operatory each and every day! From DHN-exclusive supplies to innovative market products that will put ease into your work day…

This season's box is sure to make a GREAT impression on you! :)

Blue Light Blocking Safety Glasses - $20

Dental Hygiene Nation

In our day to day operatory life, we’re often looking at screens to take treatment notes and go over patient procedures. Our safety glasses are sure to protect your eyes while looking at screens, all while being super cute! Their innovative corners protect from aresols or splatter getting into your eyes in the operatory and of course they’re in our favorite color – dental purple!



DHN Tooth Loupes Case - $20

Dental Hygiene Nation

Our loupes are our babies in the operatory, we must protect them at all costs! This stylish, hard top case is the perfect place for your loupes to hang out when they’re not helping you save smiles. It offers protection while you travel to and from the operatory; the DHN tooth & light purple accents makes it perfect for every tooth-lover-alike.



Impression Bowl Set - $20

Dental Hygiene Nation

Getting impressions is never as fun for the patient as it is for the hygienist, this super cute impression bowl is sure to put a smile on your patients face.



Smiley Mirror - $10

Dental Hygiene Nation

Mirrors are such an important instrument used by hygienists; they offer tissue protection, light reflection, retraction and indirect vision. They are one of the many things in dentistry that we couldn’t go without, so we may as well make them cute while we’re at it too!



PingRing Sharpness Tester - $5.10


PingRing, solid resin ring was designed to wear on your finger for testing instrument sharpness! A sharp instrument produces a ping sound, giving you an audible way to you know when you’ve achieved a proper edge. Having your instruments properly sharpened is a great way to make a good impression on your patients.



Classic Wristband - $24.99


Developed by a dental hygienist, CordEze reduces the stress on the hand, wrist, and arm and is designed to help you scale effortlessly with your ultrasonic, prophy jet and other corded handpieces! It’s important to make your comfort a priority, so you can be the best version of yourself in the operatory!


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