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Your Patients...the good, the bad, the ugly, the OMG moments...

'Sorry, I was late because I have sunburn.’
 …uhh, what?

‘Hey, can I get your number?’
…okay buddy, let’s be serious, I just flossed your teeth and practically bathed in your blood. You and I – we’d never work out.

‘Be careful with my crown, I superglued it back on.’
*jaw drops* 

‘If I run out of dental floss, I typically just use my hair…’

‘Well, I don’t floss because it just pushes the plaque down into my gums.’
…I seriously cannot. I can’t. 

Dental babes, let’s be real…like really real. We’ve heard the good, the bad, the ugly, the disgusting, theyou can’t actually be serious right now, can you?’ and so much more. Our profession is awesome, we love what we do…but we also shake our heads um-teen times a day in confusion at half the you-know-what our patients say.

We all have that Dental Squad Chat where we talk half about Dental Life and half about boys, wine and what our plans are for the weekend….so, SPILL IT. We want to hear from you! What is the weirdest, craziest, most unbelievable W.T.F moment you’ve had since becoming a hygienist? dental assistant? Or dentist?

We want to hear them ALL! Comment below OR on our Instagram post and we’ll pick one story that makes cringe the hardest. That best story we read will win a shout out on Social Media AND a surprise package from DHN.

We seriously can’t wait to read these…we totally plan on opening  a bottle of wine (or 3) and reading these OMG-moments.

*Winner to be announced on Friday, November 4th at 4pm EST.
*Please do not mention any specific names, practices, or schools. 


potomac dental

For a dentist all patient are same and dentist have to treat them with their best treatment.


Today I had a new client who hadn’t had a cleaning in a few years and she proceeded to tell me that her fathers genetics skipped her so she couldn’t have periodontitis after I had told her she had heavy bleeding and pockets ranging from 4mm-6mm. blank stare :)


I was calling to remind a new 52 year old patient about his appointment. As I said I will see you tomorrow, he said, " Okay baby, see you tomorrow." Then when I was doing his DHT, he continued to call me baby until I told him he has moderate periodontitis… Please never let him be a ‘Kathy only.’


While treating an elderly patient with a mouth full of restorations, while explaining to her how better to be at her homecare, she says “but if I leave the hard tartar on won’t that help prevent getting cavities?”
Me: “Ummmm, that didn’t just happen.”

Lauren Kinser

This just happened last week, my boyfriend took over a practice a year ago when the former dentist retired. Anyways we get a letter from a VERY disgruntled patient who wrote out her life story about how she was a mom of a veteran how she hated the dentist, how years ago (we’re talking early 2000’s) she had finally come back to have a lot of restorations and cosmetic work done, the dentist (who has retired) said he would do it, and laid out the treatment plan, they agreed on price and payment all the normal good stuff. Anyways fast forward to like 2012-2014 she decides shes not going to come back to the practice for whatever reason, came in and told us she had found a new dentist, then several months later calls and schedules hygiene appointments, so we obliged, anyways she never shows up back in 2014 for 2 appointments so we charge her the missed appointment fee and don’t hear from her for another 2 YEARS… fast forward to 2016 we get this angry letter after she got a letter saying the interest on her missing appointment charge had gone up… then she sends this SUPER hateful letter and says if we don’t stop sending her bills she’s taking this to “the social media sites, and the newspaper.” We all just sat in the office re-reading it, and asking ourselves WTF.


My stomach was making digestive noises after eating lunch. My creepy male patient looked up and said “I can hear your guts.”


Pt called on the phone to cancel their restorative appt because their tooth hurt too bad. You realize that’s what we do here, right? We’re a dental office and we will help your toothache. The patient’s response: “Yes I know but this is a really bad toothache”


An elderly couple come in for their cleaning and refuse to fill out a new health history. They say there have been no changes to their health. I begin probing my elderly patients teeth and he stops me to tell his knee is bothering him. He then tells me that he had knee replacement a month ago. I immediately stop and say “So when you said there have been no changes did you forget you had knee surgery?” He replied “No, just don’t touch my knee.” His wife is in the room and she is beginning to get dementia. She then pipes in “Or his weenie!”

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