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Dentalicious Costumes

Studying for mid-terms, making it to clinic on time, getting a dress for Fall Formal, prepping for football game day, cleaning your apartment, more studying for mid-terms, eating (probably Ramen,) sleeping (like 4 hours a night) and then WOAH…you wake up and Halloween is in 4 days. So seriously, who has time to make those crafty, Pinteresty costumes that I’m totally jealous of but don’t have 5 spare hours to make?!

Well, Dental Babes, we know how crazy life can be and we have your back. We’re about to give you 5 quick and easy Halloween costumes that are DENTAL inspired….because duh.

1. Darla From Finding Nemo, you know – the silly little mouth-gear girl in the Dentist’s office who almost shakes Nemo to death?! Yeah, her…
    2. Carie the Cavity - You thought Tooth Fairy would
     be on this list, huh? Well, we’re tooth fairies every day so on Halloween, we want to make sure we dress up as something we certainly are NOT…. A CAVITY.
    3. Suctioner the Vampire – “We Vant to Suck Your Spit….” This one’s easy...throw on a vampire costume, throw in some vampire teeth and carry around a Salvia Ejection Suction all night! Feeling crafty? Make a suction necklace so you don’t have to carry one around all night. *Add a little red food coloring to your suction to add that oral surgery touch.

      "Can someone get the Cavitron for that stain?"

      4. Skull – Wanna be the best skeleton at the party? The teeth are what makes or breaks your skull costume. Obviously no one knows teeth better than us…So blow everyone away with your perfect skull face.  32 teeth with every cusp on point, duh.  Grab your skull from human anatomy for inspiration and go to town with that black and white makeup.  That contour and highlight got this skeleton on fleek. 

        5. Endo Ice Queen – Put a twist on the typical ice queen and become the dentalicious Endo ice queen. Wear all white and paint on the endo ice label on your shirt. Add some baby powder to your hair and follow these DIY looks below to add the finishing touches.

        6. The Grim Reaper of Plaque – This one’s easy! The easier the better, right?! Wear an old pair of scrubs with a Grim Reaper Mask…hot glue floss canisters to your scrubs and Voo-la! Death to all plaque!

          7. Muscle Face - Now this one can be tricky, but it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. MUSCLE Face. We give lots of love to the teeth, but our face muscles need lovin’ too! Click here to find a tutorial for “Muscle Face Makeup” on
          YouTube! Good luck! 

          Think you’ll use one of our dentalicious costumes this Halloween? TAG US in your Halloween photo and we’ll randomly select a winner to win 25% off an order of $100 or less!!!!


          HAPPY HALLOWEEN, DENTAL BABES! Oh, and make sure you floss after all that candy.


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