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WINE now, WHITEN later....

Dental Babes, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the only thing we love more than teeth is wine. Let’s be real – it’s there for us after a long day of studying, there for us after a long day of cleaning teeth, it’s there for us when our boyfriends are being jerks and there for us when we just want to have some fun. Maybe a few years ago, we slapped the bag of a nice, cheap white wine (or maybe you still do -  no judgements, Dental Babes.) But now that we’re ‘maturing,’ our taste buds are too! I think we can speak for plenty of 20 something’s when we say we enjoy a nice glass of red, but it’s no secret that it stains our other loves…our teeth!

We feel your pain and we want to help you out! We’ve done our research (& yes, that means more than just tasting) and we’ve got some tips for you!

  1. Brush and floss BEFORE going out when you know you’ll be enjoying red wine. ‘’Wine teeth” is a result of the purpley-red wine dying your plaque so, getting rid of it before the vino gets to it is KEY to keep your pearly whites white while you’re sippin on dat Merlot.

  2. Exfoliate dem lipppps. Nope, that’s not really a toothy-tip, but face it – whatever is on your lips draws attention to your teeth. It’s no secret that red wine dyes the dead skin on your lips, so keep ‘em soft & smooth to avoid the purple-scheme, dry lips you definitely don’t want.

  3. USE A STRAW. Ok, you might look a little less than sophisticated, but it will allow the red wine to surpass your teeth to avoid staining.

  4. Any smart gal knows to drink a glass of water for every cocktail she has, this helps you be not-so-hungover.  Swap the water for some soda water and swish it around before swallowing. The bubbles will act as an exfoliation and break down the stained plaque.

  5. Avoid switching from white to red. White wine is more acidic which breaks down tooth enamel. Drinking a few glasses of it then switching over to red is a no-no, as the broken down enamel will absorb the color of the red wine.
  6. Drink red wine so much that you need a quick fix like, uh, every night? Behold: WINE WIPES. They’re all natural, individually packaged wipes that quickly remove the color on your wine teeth. You can buy them on Amazon and thank us later!

  7. EMERGENCY ONLY: Picture this, you’re getting ready for a first date and decide, to ease the nerves, you’re going to head to happy hour with your Dental Bestie. Welllllp, 2 bottles of red wine later, it’s time to leave for your date and your teeth are purple. Ask the bartender for a lemon or lime and bite into it for about ten seconds, give it a quick scrub against your teeth and then chug some water. The acidity in the lemon/lime will break down the purple color. *DISCLAIMER: this is for emergency situations only! Obvi you know that the high acidity in lemons/limes is BAD BAD BAD for your teeth so use this trick very, very rarely.

DHN TIP: We suggest waiting 36 hours before/after drinking red wine to whiten your teeth.

We also recommend sipping your wine in this bad boy ---->>> 

Keep sippin’ on that Pinot Nior, Dental Babes! && use these tips to protect those precious, pearly whites. Cheers!!!

comment below with your tips and tricks!



Thanks for the winery tips. My family dentist, Bozeman Dentist keeps on giving such tips. I will follow it definitely now, especially for my wine parties.

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