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10 Reasons to Drink More Water

As if the internet, your grandma and your doctor don’t tell you it enough….we’re here to tell you it, too; DRINK. MORE. WATER. It seems like such an easy task to do, yet so many people struggle to do it! It is, however, the most important task of your everyday life…flossing even comes second to it! 

While you know it’s important, you may not necessarily know all of it’s benefits, ya know – other than the fact you need it to survive. Let’s break it down for you, Dental Babes.

1. Exactly what we just said. You need water to survive – your brain consists of 90% water and the rest of your body consists of 70% water. This is why it is suggested to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water DAILY. And no, those ice cubes in your iced coffee (uh - that you also need to survive, duh) doesn’t count!

2. It flushes your body from toxins, ya know… the margarita from last night’s happy hour.

3. Increases energy, relieves tiredness, helps you focus…LAWD KNOWS we need as much energy as we can get and even more so, we need to focus while we save smiles to ensure we do so safely and efficiently.

4. Improves your skin complexion…and not just your face! For all over, baby soft skin, make sure you get those ounces in.

5. Maintains regularity of bodily functions – oh, sh!t, we just went there. 💩

6. Maintains a healthy immune system – something that is imperative when working in the dental field.

7. Natural headache remedy.

8. Prevents muscle cramping…because nobody wants a cramp in their hand as soon as they start scaling. Water also helps lubricate your joints, which is essential considering all of the small moves our hands make daily.

9. Water puts you in a good mood...truly, when you’re adequately hydrated, your body and mind just feel better.

10. Saves you money…so you can buy more DHN gear!  90% of the time, water is free! There is no excuse for not hitting your daily ounces.

Here's some extra HACKS to get feeling like a fish.

Tip #1 - FLAVOR: So, how do you drink water when you don’t really like the taste of that h20? Easy! We’re here to ensure you can’t make any excuses, Dental Babe! Squeeze in a lemon, lime or even an orange! Mix up your water with some mint extract, cucumber slices or even some strawberries for a hint of sweetness. Check out these recipes we've found and love from Pinterest!  If that’s still just not doing it for you, we’ll let you slide with putting a few drops of MIO drink mix in…hey, it’s better than nothing.

Tip #2 - SCHEDULE: It's no joke when we say we are constantly moving and working that clock. It's so easy to forget to stop and take a sip throughout the day.  Stick to this simple schedule to keep your intake in check!

1. Take a gulp every time you go to get the Doc for an exam.
2. Take a gulp between every patient.
3. By lunch you should have drank 1 Tooth Fairy Juice Bottle.
4. At lunch drink half a Tooth Fairy Juice Bottle.
5. After lunch - repeat steps 1 & 2.
6. By your last patient you should have finished 2.5 Tooth Fairy Juice Bottles total!

Drink up, Dental Babes! Your life and patients depends on it…literally.  We don't call it tooth fairy juice for nothing!



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Yasmine Zazi

SOOO CUTE!! I love this bottle so much!
I’m going to order it right now!

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