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Above the Mask: Part 3!

Yep, Dental Babes…we missed it as much as you did, so without further ado;


It’s no secret... that half of our faces are covered every day…and that until #ScrubsByDHN were released, we had to wear not-so-cute scrubs every day. Since DHN was able to fix the scrubs problem, we’re here to help those beautiful eyes shine above the mask, too!

Today is ‘National Eye Color Day,’ and while that may just seem like jusssst another made-up-holiday, we’re totally still going to take advantage of it. Did you know that using certain colors of liner and eye shadow can totally make your eyes pop!? As a Dental Professional, it’s exciting knowing that we can accentuate the one part of our face that actually shows above the mask. Here are a few tips and tricks to help those baby blues, the brown eyed girls, and even for the rare green eyes!


We know, just another added product to your makeup bag, but it seriously makes a difference.  Especially during those long days where you have zero time to look in the mirror (you know like everyday). We recommend: Sephora Collection - Beauty Amplifier Lid and Liner Primer

it's super affordable and gets the job done - QUICK. 

BABY BLUEZ: Whether you’re a blonde hair, blue eyed babe, a rockin’ brunette, or an adorable red-head... neutrals, such as browns and champagne tones, will really make your blue eyes pop! Neutrals against blue eyes will create a depth affect that will make blue eyes sparkle. We love: Urban Decay - Naked Basics

BONUS TIP: Use neutral lipsticks when you’re out of the office to deepen this affect, too!

GREEN EYED GODESS: Are you part of the 1% of the world that was #blessed with green eyes?! If so, we’re here to help you show them off with colors that will have everyone lookin’ at ya like: 😍. Purple absolutely the best color to show off green eyes, the contrast in the colors accent each other. Avoid blue tones, as they can drown out green eyes. We love: NARS - Duo Eyeshadow 
It has enough purple to add a pop, but comes with a basic brown to tone it down. 

BONUS TIP: WINE red lipsticks are perfect with a plum smokey eye for an overall, green eyed goddess look. 

MY BROWN (and hazel) EYED GIRL: Since blue and green tones aren’t ideal for your green eyed girlfriends, tell them to pass them on over to you! Shadows and liners with blue, teal, and green undertones are perfect for bringing out the speckles of gold and tan in those big brown eyes! Don’t go all Mimi from Drew Carey on us now... it’s simple to add blue and green accents without going overboard! We love: CLINIQUE - All About Shadow 8-Pan Palette

BONUS TIP: Try navy blue top-liner with hunter green shadow under your lower lash line for a look that will make everyone wish you were their brown eyed girl.

With all looks, don’t forget to add some of your favorite mascara (we like Loreal Telescopic and THEY’RE REAL by Benefit) and don't forget to fill in those brows, girl! Try: Benefit Cosmetics - Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

There you have it, Dental Babe, now those beautiful eyes can SLAY while you SLAY those teeth all day.


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