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Don't Sweat It, Dental Babe!

Don’t sweat it, Dental Babes!

         Whether you’re just beginning Hygiene School, about to take boards or are even just beginning your career; one thing that comes with the excitement of all of this is….stress. Unfortunately, plenty of unwanted things come with stress, like sweating, anxious feelings, jitters, nerves, self doubt and other silly things we shouldn’t have to worry about while we’re, well…worrying. As usual, Dental Babe, DHN has got your back. We’re here to break down the stressors for you, one subject at a time! Let’s start with DO for the B.O…..

            Picking a deodorant may seem like a no brainer, but we promise, not all deodorants are equal!  We’ve researched, we’ve experimented and now we’ll deliver…Behold: DHN’s Top 5 Stink Busters:


  • Tarte: Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant: We know, we know, Dental Babes. Who wants to pay $14 dollars for deodorant, BUT this one is chock full of clean ingredients! Absolutely NO aluminum or alcohol! Plus its super cute packaging makes us NEVER FORGET to throw it in our work bags in the morning.
  • Native Deodorant: In a medical setting we're kind of deprived of fun, feel-good scents. This deodorant has way MORE than just your mother's baby powder smell.  Choose from 5 different scents like Cranberry & Plum OR Lavender & Rose. Not to mention it also passes our ingredient test! It's aluminum and paraben free! 
  • Degree: Motion Sense: It’s obvious that Dental Professionals are always moving. From walking back and forth, throughout the office, and moving in all directions while cleaning teeth, we need something that will move with us (kind of like ScrubsByDHN, yaknow?) Degree Motion Sense Deodorant has been clinically proven to have an advanced motion sense technology made to keep up with even the busiest Dental Babe!

    • Not a fan of chemicals, but still want to stay dry and smell like a sunny beach dream? Schmidt’s Coconut Pineapple deodorant is aluminum free (#NaturalDentalBabe) yet still neutralizes odors and keeps your pits dry! Due to its natural ingredients, it also helps prevent armpit irritation and chafing, BONUS!   

      • Primal Pit Paste: Level 2: Your body chemistry is unique and this deodorant has 3 levels to match YOU. We'd say our activity level at work is pretty intense. (Cue in 4 quads of SRP). We chose Level 2 because it's fit for regular to intense activity and that's us! It's strong enough to stop the stinks of crossfitters, new moms, friends "of a certain age", blossoming teenagers, and 'stressed out dental professionals.' OH, and it's all natural ingredients too!  
      • Dove: dryspray invisible – The reason we love this little guy so much is that it tackles a few of the things mentioned above (48 hour protection, prevents irritation) but it ALSO is totally invisible! Plus, it comes in a quick dry spray can! Say goodbye to those nasty deodorant lines on your adorable DHN Scrubs!

        • CERTAIN DRI: Prescription Strength Clinical – This one is hard to beat. It’s the baddest deodorant in the game…and for good reason! Not only does it keep you prescription-strength-deodorant dry, it’s also clinically proven the strongest over-the-counter antiperspirant and clinically proven for safe daily use! Pit stains don’t exist in the world of Certain Dri. *Try not to use Certain Dri directly after shaving…if you do, it’ll sting a bit!  


          We hope this helps you find your dream deodorant, Dental Babe! And if you already have a fave that’s not mentioned here, let us know and drop it’s name below!

          XOXO, DHN


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