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All Boards Everything 

            Dental Boards are something every Dental Babe anxiously awaits and certainly something that causes both excitement and anxiety. This is something that DHN realizes…and this year, we decided to up the excitement and ease the anxiety by joining some lucky locations at their Board Review!

            Taking your boards is something that should be celebrated, not dreaded! We were determined this year to bring smiles, advice, good thoughts and FUN apparel to Dental Babes approaching this awesome moment. We want all of our aspiring Dental Babes to know that DHN is here for you through it all...from the first bio class freshman year, to graduation, your boards and onto RDH!      

             So, how did we get all wrapped up in this Board Review goodness?! This year, we partnered with Dental Hygiene Seminars and made it to 4 out of 8 of their reviews! Since this was our first year doing this, we figured we’d see what it was all about before committing to every review. WELL, let’s just say we loved it because we’ll be at ALL 9 next year! Woohoo!

             There’s definitely more to Board Review than fun and cute clothes though. It’s important to attend, simply because of how much information you’ll gain and how AMAZING the speakers are! Switching up your study techniques is key to remembering all the information you’ll need to know for your board exam. Attending the Board Review and mindfully using the information given there could truly make or break if you pass! 

            Like we said before, we’re here to help from start to finish, so let’s go over our founders tips and tricks on how to confidently take (and PASS) your boards.

1. Board review is over, what now?

The fun is over and now reality starts to set in and you're thinking "ohhh shit," right? Don't worry. Your board book will be your best friend, we promise. Take that thing everywhere with you and make the most of any free time that you may have. REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION. Don't waste your time studying old text books or old notes. Everything that you need to know to pass boards is covered in your board book.

2. Best study tips for boards?
PASS IT APP! This thing was my life saver while waiting for class to start or waiting in line at the grocery store.  It's quick study questions that allow you to study on the go and help that information stay fresh in your memory.  The more you quiz yourself, the better! The top two things I would study the most would be...
  • Pharmacology
  • Community
3. You failed your boards, IT’S OK. What now?
Seriously, it happens! Don't give up and don't think you're the only one in the WORLD that this has happened to because it happens to tons of people, every year. Even the worlds best Hygienist may have failed his/her boards, instead of dwelling, look back on what you could have done differently.
  • How much study time did you put in?
  • Did you collaborate with faculty for extra help?
  • What study methods did you use?

Study methods is a BIG ONE. We all can "read" a book.  But, studying for boards takes what we call "active reading." You really have to read to understand and re-read again and again and again if you have to.  You have to get down to the WHY behind the information you are reading.  IF you understand WHY a diabetes patient has certain needs for an appointment you'll be able recall the information better instead of just simply memorizing.

4. Didn't go to board review?

That's okay too! We highly recommend attending a board review near you, but sometimes budgets, life, and timing can get in the way and that's okay! It's not the end of the world! Instead, team up with a buddy and compare notes and study together.  This will help build confidence in yourself that you ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT.  You could even organize a study session with your class! If you feel you all are lacking on a specific subject, your faculty might be able to hold a mini crash course to help you prepare. There is always something more you can do! 

Now... let's walk down memory lane and remember the fun we had! 







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