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Be Your Own Gold Tooth


We care for others, it’s pretty much what our career is revolved around; caring for others, specifically, their oral health. Being a Dental Professional is not easy. It takes a special type of person with a special type of patience. Habitually, we sometimes care for others so much that we forget to care for ourselves. While Dental Hygiene Nation preaches about being the ‘gold tooth’ in all situations, it also means to be your own gold tooth.

Like we said, you are SPECIAL…so special, that you should absolutely take time to focus on yourself. You need to take time to be your own gold tooth; to grow mentally and emotionally with time reserved specifically for YOU. In the hustle and bustle of our careers and everyday life, it’s not just a suggestion…it’s almost necessary.   

 If you agree with what we’re saying but you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help. First things first, you must accept the fact that you are worthy of alone time, ‘ME’ time and self-reflection…and you must make it a priority. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself on the backburner…which isn’t fair to your emotional or physical well-being. It’s important to SCHEDULE your downtime into your daily routine - and yes, that may mean waking up 15 minutes earlier. ;)

To be your best self, you must practice your best self.



Many people roll their eyes at the thought of meditating, but it’s a 10-minute quick fix that can relax your mind and body more quickly than you ever thought possible! Not sure where to start? There are plenty of Apps that will guide you into deep relaxation. Here’s some of our favs: PureMind, Smiling Mind, Pacifica.


Many non-yogi’s may think of Yoga as crazy poses they probably won’t be able to do and a workout they may not have the energy for; when really, most yoga studios are a no-judgement zone made for relaxation of your mind, body and soul. It's a TOTAL myth that you can't do yoga if you're not flexible! Yoga poses are super easy to modify so that you get the best stretch possible without hurting yourself!  In yoga classes, the moves are simply a suggestion, however, you are more than welcomed to go to the class, listen to the instructor, regulate your breathing and just unwind. Take it from our CEO and founder; yoga is her absolute FAV form of exercise. 


We’re so inclined to have our phones in our hands, even when we’re doing “nothing,” when really, that still strains our muscles and our eyes and keeps our minds running. To truly unplug, we suggest putting your phone in a different room, laying flat and closing your eyes, even just for 10 or 15 minutes. Bonus if you have cooling or heated eye patches, some of them even come infused with relaxing scents!


Take a warm shower or bath…. without your phone anywhere in sight. Warm bathing can literally ‘wash the tension away’ after a long day at work. Light some candles or add some Epsom Salt for optimum relaxation.


With our minds constantly racing all day long, it's easy for us to forget things or become overwhelmed with thoughts.  We LITERALLY don't get a break in the dental world.  To ease the mind, make a list of things you need to get done for that day.  Find a super cute notebook and write in the date for each day of tasks.  Cross them off as you go and you'll be amazed with how organized you feel and ACCOMPLISHED!


Pack your lunch the night before - As much as it can be super annoying to pack your lunch like you're heading to junior high again... it REALLY does make a difference to your morning.  The fewer decisions you have to make or tasks you have to complete, make your morning run so much smoother.  A stressful morning can ruin your whole day too! Studies have shown that we are only able to make so many decisions each day. Prevent feeling burnt out halfway through your shift by prepping the night before! Start with a clear mind to set the tone for a peaceful day.

Studies have shown that simple crumbs and particles can stress the brain.  Seeing a clean slate on the floor makes the room feel cleaner, even if you have some laundry to put away.  Every little bit counts! Not to mention it helps get rid of dust and allergens which can also cloud the brain... literally. 


And on that note, clean your rooom! No but seriously, waking up and going to bed in a clean room proves better sleep quality.  Feng Shui is a real thing.  With less clutter our minds have a clearer perspective and is able to calm and de-stress faster.  


This one is one we practice here at DHN! Each day, setting awareness to a new saying can really bring a new perspective to your world and provide confidence to get STUFF DONE! 



Do something you genuinely enjoy; whether that be taking a long walk, reading a book or even just blaring music and dancing around your house. It's easy to get caught up in our rushed dental days and we forget about who we are.  Focusing on yourself and what YOU enjoy, without worrying what the rest of the world things, is undoubtedly one of the best feelings. 

And remember,

“You is smart, you is kind, you is important,”

-The Help


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