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Be The Gold Tooth

So, it’s been a few days and you’ve seen us use the hashtag and phrase, “Be the Gold Tooth.” What’s up with that, DHN? Is it a new hashtag you’re using, like DentalBabe and DentalHygieneProblems? Or is it a cute phrase that means something obvious like, ‘Stand out! Be original! Be yourself!’ To all assumptions above, YES! But to Team DHN, it is much, MUCH more than just a cute hashtag or phrase we are using on our products. Get ready, because this movement, is about to change you.

It’s all too often we experience women and men tearing other women and men down…and it’s not right.  From dental forums, to social media platforms, to your own dental team… it’s something we see every day and it’s something WE are determined to put a stop to.

‘Be the gold tooth’ is a way of life, an empowering expression, a reminder to us every day to be the best Dental Professional AND person we can be. It’s about helping and guiding others and also learning from others... 

Making each other stronger, will only make our profession stronger. Making each other feel good, will only make our profession stronger. Having an open mind and accepting others opinions, will only make our profession stronger!  

As Dental Professionals, we are all in this together. We all might not have the same credentials, but we are all working towards the same goal and we are all learning from one another every. single. day. Just because one person does something differently than you, doesn’t make them wrong; in fact, HEY! Their way may be more efficient than yours.

There is SO much we can learn from one another…but not until we start empowering each other.

BE THE GOLD TOOTH in a mouth full of tarnished amalgams. Set the example for other professionals. It all starts with YOU! Yes, YOU reading this blog.

We asked on social media, what you guys thought being the Gold Tooth might mean. We got some answers that we absolutely LOVED; what better way to start this positive movement than by sharing them with you?! Let’s spread the word on how to BE THE GOLD TOOTH:

"To stand out and go above and beyond." -@katemaylor_

"Be the best YOU can be!" -@toothferry_

"Be proficient. Be prompt. Be thorough. Be understanding. Be professional. Be nice. Be GOLD!" -@kim_berly24

"Be unique and lead without fear!" -@kschlesener



Yasmine Zazi

Thank you for sharing this!

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