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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, DENTAL BABE! Who needs candy and flowers on Valentine’s Day, when you have a Dental Bestie to do sweet things for you ALL. YEAR. ROUND.

No one understands you like your Dental Bestie does. There’s nothing quite like having a sidekick who can always relate to all of your one-of-a-kind dental issues. 

A dental bestie understands the raging frustration that comes with not passing your boards, especially after countless hours of memorization and studying. In fact, they’ll probably be at your door the night you find out with a bottle of wine and take out sushi. They’ll remind you that even that best RDH in the world probably failed their boards and that it does not make you any less of a dental professional.

They’ll understand the annoyance that 5pm patient who never showed brings, especially because you could have went home an hour earlier. They’ll reassure you that while it’s frustrating, all of the patients who put their oral health first make it worth it.

They relate to the special type of patience you have. They know that cleaning a 3 year olds teeth for the first time takes a special type of person…and that special person is you. They’ll feel grateful for your patience, especially when they need your advice because that jerk from Bio stood them up again.  

They get when you can’t make it to the dinner you guys had planned, because your day at the office went to crap and you just need to binge watch Netflix and eat ice cream all night; in fact, they might even join you.

They celebrate your little victories, ones that your non-dental peeps may not understand. Your Dental Bestie is proud of you for popping that 5mm calc off of an elderly patient..and doing so without a flinch!

A Dental Bestie relates to you on a personal level too. They know that balancing life with school, a career and social life all while having the energy to exercise and take care of yourself is something to be proud of. They support you in ALL the things and understand the good, bad, ugly and beautiful that comes along with not just a Dental Career, but life in general.

So, cheers to that on Valentine's Day, Dental Babes! You and your Dental Bestie ARE each other's soul mates...and anyone who disagrees probably doesn't even floss. 


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