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20 dental inspired gifts for the dental enthusiast

20 Dental Inspired Gifts

for your Dental Enthusiast

Your go-to-gift guide for a dental hygienist, teeth lover, dental hygiene student, dental enthusiast and so much more! Whether it be a gift-guide for the perfect give from ‘Santa,’ or a go-to-guide for your favorite Dental Babe’s birthday, Dental Hygiene Nation is sure to have you covered!

Wine wipes

Because let’s be real, wine and dental hygiene go hand in hand ;)…other than the stains of course! Wine wipes have the ability to wipe off those purplely stains before they start attacking your enamel; plus, no one wants a purple smile during a night out anyway!

Cute Saftey Glasses from Amazon

Safety glasses are like real glasses; you can never have enough! Our day-to-day work attire isn’t all too exciting, so what better way to liven it up than with an assortment of dental safety glasses?

steripod toothbrush protector


More often than not, we keep our toothbrush in the bathroom…which is probably the most germ-filled room in our house or apartment! Those germs swirling around in your bathroom air certainly will land on your toothbrush unless you keep it protected by a Steripod!  



Hybands are a great way to keep your hair out of your face while cleaning teeth, but it's also a great way to give back to the less fortunate! Hybands donate to Smile Train with every purchase, which is a nonprofit organization and charity providing corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates.

 dental scrubs

Scrubs By DHN

A gift for a Dental Babe that truly keeps on giving! Scrubs by DHN are fashionable scrubs made FOR dental professionals, by dental professionals! These yoga-banded, polyester, wrinkle free scrubs were made to set apart from the rest!

dental subscription box

DHN Subscription Box

It is a gift you will give to your favorite Tooth Lover every 3 months! It’s a quarterly subscription box made by Dental Hygiene Nation and other partnering dental companies! DHN’s 4910 is an Ipsy/BirchBox/Fab Fit Fun inspired subscription box filled with dental themed goodies! Learn more about it here.

bib clip

Neon Bib Clips on Amazon

Unfortunately, most people don’t exactly love going to the dentist! Try to make their day more fun by getting your favorite hygienist an assortment of bib clips that patients can choose from for their visit!   


Cocofloss Subscription

Cocofloss isn’t a regular floss, it’s a cool floss! ;) With flavors like strawberry, coconut and cara cara orange…flossing will become your favorite part of your day! (as if it’s not already) Plus, you can subscribe to their floss so you’ll never run out of floss again.

dental notebook

DHN Notebook

Because who doesn’t want to take notes in a toothy themed notebook?

gold tooth dental fuzzy fleece sherpa

DHN Sherpa Gold Tooth Pull Over  

It’s definitely no secret that these Sherpa pull overs are totally the new rage when it comes to fall and winter fashion; so DHN took it upon themselves to add an adorable Gold Tooth in the corner chest to show toothy-pride while staying warm and cozy!

nude nail polish for clinic

Nude nail polish

Dental girls have more fun, but their nails…? Eh, maybe not so much! But no worries, babes, just because we’ve got to stick to neutral and nude colors doesn’t mean we can’t still have some fun with it. Check out our collab blog with YOUNG here for some of our favorite colors.

dental hygienist accessories

Dental Babe Water bottle

Because we need that h2o to keep us hydrated and alert while toothfairying. Oh, and because water always tastes better out of this toothy bottle.

10/20/30/50/60/80/100 pairs wholesale New Crystal 24K Gold Powder Gel Collagen Eye Mask Masks Sheet Patch, Anti Ageing Aging, Remove Bags, Dark Circles & Puffiness, Skincare, Anti Wrinkle, Moisturising, Moisture, Hydrating, Uplifting, Whitening, Remove Blemishes & Blackheads Product. Firmer, Smoother, Tone, Regeneration Of Skin. Suitable For Home Use Hot or Cold. (30 pairs)

Gold eye mask

We get up suuuuuper early to save smiles, so it's important we look bright eyed and bushy tailed! Collagen eye masks can make 5 hours of sleep look like 10 - don't (eye) bag it til you try it ;) We like this one.

honest face and body lotion

Hand lotion

Thanks to constant washing and rubber gloves, our hands are always dry. It’s important that we use an all natural, low fragrance lotion to keep them hydrated and soft. We like honest products!

lunch box

Cute Lunch bag

We may not always have time to eat lunch and when we do, we might be standing and shoveling food into our mouths, but it’s still important to liven up our lunch break with a cute lunch bag to keep our food in!

mint scented candle

Mint Candle

For alllll the relaxation and good vibes, especially after a long day of work or studying! 

stainless steel straws prevent stain

Stainless Steel Straws

Staining is not cute and neither is plastic waste! By using a stainless steel straw, you’re not only helping your teeth – but your environment too!

PDT montana jack scaler

Montana Jack

Montana Jack Scalers have taken the Dental World by storm and are easily a fan favorite when it comes to a quality scaling tool. They have a plethora of products to choose from and to make it fun, they even come in an assortment of colors!

tooth shaped flower pot

Toothy Pot from Amazon

Whether you fill your pot up with soil to grow small plants or with pens and pencils for need this adorable toothy pot from Amazon on your desk! 

dr. johns sugar free candy and chocolate

 Dr. Johns Chocolate

Want to give your sweet Dental Babe something sweet as a gift, but worry (that he or she will worry) about decay?! Dr. John’s Candies are sugar-free, instead being sweetened with xylitol. They include fiber, probiotics and all natural ingredients! 


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