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Sunday Scaries No More


The dreaded Monday, ugh. The weeks too long and the weekend was too short; Sunday scaries are a real thing and you could just cringe at the thought of walking into work tomorrow. Sure, we love our jobs…but we’re human too, and sometimes we’d rather spend the day without pants on, lounging with our fur babies on the couch. Yep, sometimes (most times), a case of the Monday Blues makes the struggle SO real.

Since we know the feeling all too well, Dental Babes, we’re here to give you our best tips and tricks to kick those Monday Blues to the curb and start the week on a positive, relaxing note.

Did you know that most of your stress comes from lack of preparation? Imagine being able to wake up for work to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee while watching the news or scrolling through your phone. Then imagine not rushing around while you throw on your scrubs, brush your teeth, swipe on some mascara, and walk out the door. Actually, don’t imagine it – do it!

While you may be comfy-cozy on your couch on Sunday night, make it a point to set out your scrubs, socks and shoes for the following day. Take a shower and blow dry your hair (ugh yes, we know) then go over to your kitchen and pack your breakfast, lunch and snacks. Bonus points for setting your coffee pot for auto-brew. These small things will add up to one seriously organized, stress free morning. If you’re heading to the gym or yoga after work, be sure those bags are packed too. Nothing like running around at 7am trying to find clean gym clothes to pack!….Or you could always just wake up at 6am TO exercise. See our tips on that here shortly ;)

Our next tip, and you might not like this one, is to try to lay off the mimosas and booze on Sundays. We know, we know…we love Sunday Funday’s too! But the thing is, alcohol leaving your system vamps up your nervous system and causes anxiety. Ever lay in bed, unable to sleep at 5am after having a few mimosas or glasses of wine…where they only think running through your mind is ‘what’s going to go wrong next?!’ You can likely put a little bit of that blame on the booze, so try to keep Sunday Funday dry and see how you feel!

One of the best feelings ever, if you ask me, is leaving work and being able to go home and do absolutely NADA! In our opinion, this especially includes exercising and cooking. Sometimes, you think you’d rather have that extra hour of sleep instead of waking up to exercise, but honestly, is there any better feeling of freedom knowing that you can go home and lay around instead of putting on gym clothes and having to move your body for 45 minutes? NOPE! Prepping things and getting sh*t done when we don't exactly want to may not seem ideal, but we promise it's worth it! Practice self discipline for a week, make a habit of it, and we promise stress free mornings will be in your future, babe!

Did we miss any of your favorite ways to kick the Sunday Scaries/Monday Blues? Let us in on your secrets!


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