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P • O • W • E • R • S • U • I • T •


You wake up, it’s clinic day, the dread sets in; not because you’re not eager to learn more about your future career, but because you have to put on those *blah* scrubs…AGAIN. We know the feeling all too well, dental babes, and it’s definitely frustrating! 

We are PROUD to be aspiring Dental Hygienists, yet sometimes we lack the confidence we deserve because the scrubs we have to wear in hygiene school are just…not cute.

We hear all too often that young, future RDH’s don’t feel confident going to class or clinic in their scrubs. We hear all too often that they feel that no one even recognizes what they’re working SO HARD towards, because all they see are bland, faded, mismatched scrubs. We hear all too often that we, as dental hygienists, don’t feel POWERFUL and CONFIDENT in their scrubs...and that’s something Dental Hygiene Nation has proudly changed, because SCRUBS ARE THE NEW POWER SUIT.

You, as a dental student or professional, ARE powerful. You ARE not bland or faded like your old scrubs may be, you ARE bright like gold. You deserve to feel RECOGNIZED for being a tooth-saver, you deserve to feel CONFIDENT in your scrubs and you deserve to feel SATISFIED that you are out there fighting calc and plaque. You deserve to feel like you wake up every day and feel like you're putting on your superhero cape, not just scrubs. Scrubs don’t define you, they empower you…scrubs are the new power suit.

Listen, if we can’t wear heels and a pencil skirt with a cute blazer and accessories to work every day, we CAN at least wear cute scrubs. Ones that define us as a dental professional, with a little gold tooth on our pants and on our pockets. Ones that form to our curves with a yoga band and water-wicking polyester, which helps us avoid looking like a wrinkled mess! One’s whose material will not fade, because remember, you’re not bland – you’re BRIGHT like a gold tooth.

Scrubs by DHN are the new power suit, because the person wearing them is POWERFUL, smart, and STRONG. The person wearing them is a Dental Hygienist.  Just ask Cydney why scrubs are HER power suit:

"My Gold Tooth Scrubs by DHN make me SHINE like the dental diamond I am! When I put them on in the morning, I feel like a bada** superhero. I truly feel powerful, because I AM! I save smiles every day, I prevent oral diseases and I educate my patients on how to live a healthy lifestyle, beginning with their mouths! I feel like a bada** superhero every day, because when I put on my power suit (errr, I mean scrubs), I am." 




Yasmine Zazi

This is great!! Thank you for posting this!

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