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The Passion Behind the Box

The Passion Behind DHN’s 4910

Being in the dental industry is like being part of a never-ending race of innovation. Our industry is constantly striving to find a bigger, better way to clean teeth. We are constantly looking for the best way to do our job, the best way to take care of our own teeth, the most effective way for our patients to maintain a healthy mouth, the most comfortable way for ourselves to do our own job…the list goes on. Dental Hygiene Nation realizes this…and we want to be a part of it. 

Of course, we have our special niche; by making dentistry fun and by creating a one-of-a-kind scrub…but we quickly realized that so many other unique companies, with similar passions, also had their niche, too. At Dental Hygiene Nation, we want to be the innovation, while proudly spreading the innovation TO YOU…and that’s why DHN’s 4910 was born.

Just about two years ago, our team sat down and thought, we love finding fresh innovative dental products that are changing the dental norm. But, obviously, we like to try them first before we recommend them to patients! And with patients trying all these crazy things they find on Pinterest, we gotta know what they're talking about. So we thought... what better way than to share them with our kick-ass dental babes right to their doorstep! and who doesn't like getting a little toothy goodness every once in a while ;) 

We are VERY selective with our brands we collaborate with. And so far, we've been right about every single one! So right that we consider them our ‘Dental Besties,’ like…seriously, we talk to these companies on the reg. We have inside jokes... it’s serious (high five emoji) But, rest aside loving their employees, we love our partners' products and missions too.  This makes doing what we do easy…and fun.

SO, how do we pick who stars in DHN’s 4910? Well first and foremost, it’s not easy! There are so many companies out there, some we may not have even heard of yet! But we do some cold hard research on these guys.  We stay true to sampling products that we actually would recommend to our patients. OR crack the code on why are patients are obsessing over something that we may not use ourselves. 

We started small, with a “handful” of subscribers, and included some products we already knew, loved, and had relationships with. It went off without a hitch! Our amazing following of dental babes (AKA you!) wanted MORE! And we were excited to give it. It’s safe to say we weren’t surprised that Dental Babes loved this idea…almost as much as us!

We decided to launch a quarterly subscription box, we opened up a couple hundred spots and  BOOM! Within minutes, they were sold out. Within hours, our inbox was following with babes asking to open more spots. How AMAZING?! You guys really DO love teeth, toothy products, and are just as passionate as we are about dentistry! We really did feel like proud moms!

As usual, our Dental Babes wanted more…and we delivered! After each subscription box was sent out, we opened more spots for the next one. Here we are, 6 boxes in and we have thousands of subscribers with more on the waiting list. 

Dental Babes, give yourselves a pat on the back, you’re supporting not only DHN; but those who have the same dreams and passions as you do. You’re branching out and trying products from the box…some you may not have tried without being a subscriber! You’re helping to innovate the world of dentistry, and we are so dang proud to call you our DHN’s 4910 Squad. 

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I received one of your boxes, your last one with Flosstime. They get a lot of press and so do most of the products you put in your boxes. Why not put more of your own products in your box? A few other women and I were talking about your box recently. Competing in the dental space is getting fierce. Your scrubs are great, why not put a shirt or pants in there to get your name and quality product out there? Coozies and ear muffs are hardly wow products for a subscription box when you have a few new dental sub boxes coming up the ranks or are there right behind you like the bestinshow box. Thank you for telling your story, I was wondering how you really got your product. A friend of mine is a buyer so I feel for you guys trying to get companies to say yes so you can make money with your $30 price point. Network. As an RDH I know a lot of those companies you put in your box. They are all in a position to help you improve and wow your box. #bepositive #goldentoothattitude

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