The Passion Behind the Box

Written By Brittany Klous - June 08 2018


June 10 2018

I received one of your boxes, your last one with Flosstime. They get a lot of press and so do most of the products you put in your boxes. Why not put more of your own products in your box? A few other women and I were talking about your box recently. Competing in the dental space is getting fierce. Your scrubs are great, why not put a shirt or pants in there to get your name and quality product out there? Coozies and ear muffs are hardly wow products for a subscription box when you have a few new dental sub boxes coming up the ranks or are there right behind you like the bestinshow box. Thank you for telling your story, I was wondering how you really got your product. A friend of mine is a buyer so I feel for you guys trying to get companies to say yes so you can make money with your $30 price point. Network. As an RDH I know a lot of those companies you put in your box. They are all in a position to help you improve and wow your box. #bepositive #goldentoothattitude

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