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Summer Box!

you’ve received the summer box and you love it, lucky you! we’ve made sure this box would be so good, you’d want to kiss it! ;) lips surround the teeth, so they're basically our second favorite thing in the world. first being teeth... duh. so this box is all about the lips because they need some attention too! summer was our main inspiration for this smoochin' awesome box, so sit back and relax while we go over what's inside!



we just couldn't get over these fancy colors! but what in the world is each one used for?! well... we got you covered because this little sample pack comes with one FREE CE. yeah! just follow the instructions on your TePe card located inside your box. *exclusive to box subscribers only* 


    we love our toothpaste, but may not love when the tube crinkles up the more and more we use it. let's be honest, all dental professionals have toothpaste tube OCD. this adorable, kissy lip toothpaste saver helps your paste AND tube stay cute AND smooth ;)


      LIP POUCH | $10

        perfect to take to the pool with your I.D, debit card, chapstick and of course some floss! we love this neoprene fabric because it dries SUPER FAST which makes it perfect for poolside or when your hand sanitizer spills in your purse... BONUS: your sunglasses also fit in this pouch!

           STRAW PACK | $12

            not only are these eco-friendly, but they help reduce decay when you're sipping on your margarita, errr…we mean coffee ;) these straws are also jumbo size, to allow for smoothie slurping. ever find a chia seed in your patients gingiva? yeah... like a million. 

               DHN TOTE | $15

                to put everything into, duh. it’s the perfect beach bag, school/work bag, purse and the most dentalicious accessory you’ll have! check that perfect 7,8,9,10 alignment though, this bag has definitely had braces. 

                     SUNGLASSES | $10

                      you know the heart-eye emoji you feel every time you see a new release from DHN? well, now you look like it too. these shades are perfect for lounging by the pool when you’re off duty.

                      Hello Charcoal Paste | Full Size $5.99

                      yes, a charcoal toothpaste! but, as professionals, we gotta try them all to know what our patients are using! we actually prefer hello charcoal toothpaste over others because it is  free from sls/sulfates, artificial sweeteners/flavors, parabens, microbeads, triclosan, and gluten. many charcoal pastes have laundry lists of ingredients, but at least we know exactly what is in this one. spit responsibly and give it a try! 


                      TOOTH POLISH BY ESSENTIAL OXYGEN | Full Size $ 7.64

                      what’s better than sprinkles on your ice cream? sprinkles on your toothbrush. yep, sprinkle this tooth-polish onto your brush for abrasion-on-demand to get your teeth their pearliest, whitest white while preserving your enamel in the process. now you can say you've tried it all!



                      I also did not get the tooth polish :(


                      I know I’m a little late to this, but I was looking at the newest box that came out and when I checked to see what came in my summer one I realized I also didnt receive the full size tooth polish.

                      Thannia Guardado

                      How do i get one???


                      I also didn’t get the tooth polish 😬


                      Hi, I was just looking at these and I realized I never got the tooth polish! It looks sooo cool!!


                      Hi, I didn’t get the tooth polish ):


                      Hi, I totally did not get the sunglasses

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