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Summer Box 2021

Summer Box 2021

Fueled by DHN's 4910: Summer Box Reveal

You were put on earth to save smiles, dental babe, there’s no doubt about that! Saving smiles takes a lot of concentration, energy and focus. You need to be fueled properly, through nutrients and water, so you have the endurance to push through each and every patient as your best self. DHN’s 4910 is here to give you the supplies you need to keep your food and drink at hand, so that you’re fueled up and energized every single day! Bring on the patients!


It’s not a regular tumbler, it’s a cool tumbler. This toothified tumbler is ready to be refilled all day. With every refill, you’ll notice some super cool color changes. It’s also a great way to stay hydrated, if the waterline starts fading from bright pink, it means your h2o has been sitting out long enough to get to room temperature. Time to chug and get those ounces in!


It’s easier to get your water in when it’s ice cold, dental babe. Freeze up these adorable tooth-shaped ice cubes to throw into your water bottle or Dreamy Tooth Tumbler for fresh for refreshing sips all day long! PRO TIP: Add lemon juice, frozen fruit, and/or frozen herbs into your tray with water prior to freezing for a yummy twist on plain old water.


Sometimes you get sick of water and need that mid-day pick me up. Whether it be a La Croix or a diet soda, we’ve got you covered with our Happy to Love Teeth Koozie. Not to mention, its bright and cheery colors are sure to brighten up your day!


The days of lugging your lunch to work in a grocery bag are over, dental babe! The Juicy Tooth Lunch Tote is an insulted lunch bag that will fit all of your meal and snacking needs! The print on this tote couldn’t be more adorable, and much like your Happy to Love Teeth Koozie, it’s fun print and bright colors are sure to start the party in every break room.


By: Zirc

While we preach the importance of being fueled with nutrients to tackle your day, we realize that there will still be parts of our profession that cause when you’re scaling your patients teeth and straining your eyes to see in every nook and cranny. With Zirc’s HD Mouth Mirror, we can finally say goodbye to tired eyes! These awesome mirrors are 40% brighter than rhodium and more scratch resistant too. With their flush lens and mirror frame, eye strain and fatigue is reduced and the possibility of corrosion build up is eliminated. Time to give bright eyed and bushy tailed a new meaning with Zirc!


As dental professionals, it’s no secret that we encourage our family, friends and patients to use a power toothbrush. When it comes to choosing which one to recommend, Philips Sonicare comes second to none. We love that Philips has a brush for every patient: DiamondClean Smart, Protective and ExpertClean are our personal faves. Brushing with Sonicare gives you a handful of options to get your most comfortable clean. They provide up to 10x better plaque removal than manual brushes (when paired with a Premium Plaque Control brush head) and allow for intensity and customization to cater to every brushing need! Philips comes highly recommended from both DHN and dental professionals alike. The best part? You can give patients the chance to experience brushing with a Philips Sonicare power toothbrush through their in-office trial program! Click here to learn more. After all, for patients, trying is believing.


Not only can Philips help your patients get their cleanest and healthiest smiles ever with Sonicare, but they can deliver a whiter, brighter smile, too—thanks to Zoom! whitening. Philips Zoom! is a professional-grade whitening system that can be purchased for use both at home and in your practice. Our lives might look a little different these days, thanks to video calls and virtual meetings galore, but a bright smile never goes out of style.

Want to keep professional whitening top-of-mind for your patients? Help them put their best faces forward by implementing the Zoom! Ready promotional toolkit at your practice. It includes in-office materials as well as digital assets that'll make it easier than ever to start the whitening conversation. Each kit includes:

-Social media assets

-Patient-facing email content

-Counter cards

-Informational brochure

Click here to download the toolkit and show your patients the power of professional whitening!

To learn more about the offer that saves your patients up to $40 on their in-office treatment, visit:


Whitney Beseda

Any chance there are ANY lunch totes left from the summer box? Or can you point me in the direction to find it?❤❤❤

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