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Meet our Dental Bestie: Philips Oral Healthcare

Meet our Dental Bestie: Philips Oral Healthcare

At DHN, our dental besties are super important to us! We love them as much as we love teeth...and that’s a lot. We are firm believers in finding companies with awesome products, a similar mission and the same love of teeth! This month’s bestie blog features a company that we’ve long admired and loved, Philips!

When we think about Philips, what comes to mind first is our favorite Sonicare power toothbrushes. Not only are they amazing for your recall patients, but did you know that they’re clinically proven to improve gingival health in perio patients too?

Philips sees healthcare as a connected whole, and makes it their mission to help patients remain healthy and prevent gingival diseases. They are known for giving clinicians the materials needed to make a precision diagnosis and deliver personalized treatment.

As dental professionals, we know how periodontal disease can affect our patients’ overall health. We educate them about proper plaque control and home care to help manage disease. We also make it our goal to provide individualized adjuncts to help manage gum disease for years to come.

So what makes Philips Sonicare so amazing, and why should you recommend it to your patients? The facts are in the study. Philips recently conducted a six-month clinical study on how Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart with a Premium Gum Care brush head helps perio patients — and the results might shock you.

In the study, they proved that when compared to manual brushes, patients with stage I and II periodontitis saw significant benefits to their gingival health when using Sonicare compared to a manual brush, post nonsurgical treatment. Here’s some of the data they found:

  • After 4 months, 15x more patients converted to “healthy gingival status” when they used Sonicare compared to manual toothbrush users, per AAP/EFP
  • After 20 weeks, gingival bleeding was reduced up to 106x compared to manual toothbrush users
  • After 6 months, up to 93% of patients using Sonicare had reduced pocket depth 6 months after SRP, compared to manual toothbrush users

We don’t know about you, dental babes, but that’s a huge difference-maker for us! Who wouldn’t want some help at those perio maintenance appointments?

Philips Oral Healthcare has put together some helpful resources to show your patients, too. They even made it super simple to access.

Helping Patients Manage Periodontitis Website

Printed materials - call (800) 422-9448 to request

  • Patient brochure
  • Chairside guide

Digital Downloads

When patients understand the importance of regular professional care appointments and good home care, not only does it make for a more efficient appointment, but it also affirms that we are making a difference in their everyday lives. Cue the dental hygiene fireworks!

As always, DHN loves to talk about companies we personally use, love and believe in...because we know you'll love them, too! Now, head on over and check it out!


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