From our Loupes to yours...

Written By Brittany Klous - November 28 2017


Jessica w
January 05 2018

Any recommendations for safety glasses with just the head lamp? I’m an orthodontist assistant and we don’t have op lights in our open bay concept, I don’t need the loops portion just a light.

Linda Lau
December 03 2017

Does the TTL ones or the flip up one have a better declination angle?

Jennifer P
November 29 2017

Love Q-Optics!!

November 29 2017

I bought loupes from micro rose solutions. I paid about $300 to $350 for them! Super affordable! They are pretty light weight and comfortable. My only dislike is the safety glasses aren’t the greatest, but I can purchase a new pair from the company for around $20 I think if they break. I’ve been very happy overall with my loupes and would definitely recommend them to someone who really wants a pair of loupes but can’t afford the higher dollar brands!

Jessica Mullins
November 29 2017

I have Q-optics love how they fit my face and ears. Light weight, life time warranty, which no other brand that came to our school offered.

November 29 2017

Have the RDH elites. Can’t have loupes without the light! Love them! But I ever have time to change the colors :/

Bonnie Smith
November 29 2017

Q-optics! Extremely light and super cute. I LOVE mine. Plus, a lifetime warranty. SCORE!

I bought a different (very reputable) brand prior to purchasing my Q-optics and had to return them because they were just too heavy. However, I do believe loupes are all about preference and deciding what fits you/ feels best.

November 29 2017

Wearing Lumadent – love the battery pack with no long wire!

November 29 2017

Just got the Orascoptic RDH elite and I love them! Can totally tell a difference in my posture! And they look pretty cute too!

November 29 2017

I have the lumadent wireless and I love them!!! The charge lasts so long and I can charge my other batter while I work! I never have a deal battery!

Emily Borud
November 29 2017

I love my Q-Optics loupes! They are so light and have a lifetime warranty!

Taya Kubi
November 29 2017

Q-optics is INCREDIBLE. SUPER light and have many colors to choose from!

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