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RX: Take Care with DHN's 4910 Winter Subscription

RX: Take Care with DHN's 4910 Winter Subscription

2020 has been a rough deserve some self care!

Especially at work, dental babe, where you’re in your PPE, working harder than ever and still having to manage your life during a global pandemic. Dental Hygiene Nation is here, not only to show you that you’re appreciated, but to give you the things you need to ease into every day in the operatory...stress free!


Gua Sha Massager - $20

Gua sha, a chinese medicine healing practice, is used to relieve tension, encourage lymph drainage, break up fascia and boost blood circulation! We LOVE to use this to ease pain and tension from TMJ or TMD. Click here for a tutorial on TMJ relief.

Toothy Socks - $20

Dental Hygiene Nation

You really can’t go wrong when you’re toothified from *literally* your head to your toes! These toothy socks are so adorable and go wonderfully with any scrub color! Oh, and they just might match your....

Scrub Cap - $20

...scrub cap by DHN! Like we mentioned, you REALLY can’t go wrong when you’re toothed up from your feet up! A scrub cap has been on our subscribers wish list for some time now, and we’re so excited to finally bring it to you! So go ahead and put your {thinking} scrub cap on and slay the calc away, dental babe.

Toothy Thoughts Pen - $5

Dental Hygiene Nation

With how hard we work every day, it’s easy to forget things during our work day...that is if we don’t take the time to write them down. After putting your {thinking} scrub cap on, jot down all your toothy thoughts with your “Toothy Thoughts” pen on your...

Tooth Do List Notepad - $8

Dental Hygiene Nation

Your to do lists don’t get much cuter than this! Remind yourself to clean the lines at the end of the day or to finish that one patients notes from earlier that day! Give that tooth a filling when you complete that task. :)

Splatter Guard Prophy Angle - Sample

Young Innovations

Disposable prophy angles with an innovative new Splatter Guard, made by Young Innovations, are engineered to significantly reduce splatter by decreasing the buildup of paste and saliva on the prophy cup. The spiral ridges on the inside and outside of these latex-free Elite-style cups provide exceptional stain removal and better interproximal cleaning on all your patients! The prophy angle body features a rounded head for greater clearance and maneuverability in the mouth, plus a slimmer neck design for superior visibility and access.



Is there a way to purchase the “tooth do list notepad”?


Morgan Garza

Cam we still get this box? Thanks!

Dayna Collamer

Disappointed in the selections for this month. The cap is too busy, wasn’t even sure what the pattern was. Same with the socks. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Catherine Munoz

How much are the boxes? I’m interested

Jessy LoRanger

I would like a box!!

Katelyn Stilwell

I need the scrub cap!

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