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Why a Dental Bestie is WAY Better Than a Valentine...

Why a Dental Bestie is WAY Better Than a Valentine...

Why a Dental Bestie is Better Than a Valentine…
and how to rock your GALentine’s Day!

So let’s be real here…it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Reading those words either made you cheese from ear to ear (ew, love.) OR made you cringe, BIG TIME. Well, Dental Babes, we’re here to give aLL tHe SiNgLe LaDiEs some advice on how to throw a perf Galentine’s Day. 
It’s pretty clear that there ain’t nothinnnn wrong with being single on Valentine’s Day. As a matter of fact, some of our favorite Valentine’s Day memories were spent with our fellow Dental Babes! Think about it, our Dental Babes can do so much more than any guy can do! We can borrow ALL their clothes (not just the hoodies), they don’t judge us when we need a BOTTLE of wine after a day of WTF patients, they tell ya when you have mascara in your hair and spinach in your teeth, they're honest with you when you ask them about that cute boy in Cafe...but most importantly, they’re there for you through the good, bad, happy, and sad. 


Show them how much you love them this Valentine’s day; here’s DHN’s tips that have helped us have tHe bEsT DaY eVaAa with our GALentines!

Step 1: Make plans to STAY IN with your Galentine’s; who wants to go to a restaurant’s and see all the happy couples giggling over their probably-too-expensive-champagne and probably-over-cooked steak…yeah, not this girl!

Step 2: Bring drinks & snacks and snacks & drinks. What’s a party without wine, besties and junk food? A bad one, that’s what. Besides, calories don’t count on Valentine’s Day.

Step 3: After a few drinks, exchange secret Valentine’s that were chosen prior to the party…think grab-bag style; because how fun would exchanging adorable panties, gag gifts and chocolate with your fellow Dental Besties?! 

Step 4: Rent The Women, or The Break Up or Forgetting Sarah Marshall or any other #GirlPower, #BoyBye movies you can think of.

Step 5: HAVE FUN! Remember, your Dental Besties are the true loves of your life!



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