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What's Under The Mask?! Part 2: LIPS!

The Best And Worst (drugstore) Lipsticks - UnDeR ThE mAsK…

Instead of telling you about the lipsticks we’ve tried for behind our masks, we’re going to show you. While patients only see our mouths for a few moments, it’s important for us to FEEL our best while we work, even behind the mask. Behold: The Best And Worst (drugstore) Lipsticks! 

From top to bottom, the lipsticks are as follows:

  1. e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick, party in the buff
  2. Wet n Wild, Think Pink
  3. Maybelline Color Blur, I Like To Mauve It
  4. Rimmel Provocalips, Wish Upon A Berry


#1, e.l.f is a great, affordable brand…but sometimes the ‘cheap’ price reflects in the product and this might be one of them. The color is light, but almost too light…think of when you bite into a powdered donut – it kind of looks like that. And let’s be real, we aren’t going for that look unless we actually get the donut. The plus side? It’s moisturizing and it would pair well with fair skin. Oh, and as you can see, it’s light color didn’t transfer onto our mask too badly! 


#2, This Wet n Wild color is deceiving, it looks more neutral than it is when applied. It’s a very pretty pink that will show off your feminine side while you’re in those dreary scrubs (don’t worry, we’re working on fixing that;)) It was pretty moisturizing, too, which is always a plus. The not-so-great aspects of it? A little came off with every sip of water and bite of food we ate! And let’s be real, we love food… soooo, it came off pretty quickly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The transfer onto our masks was less than impressive, ain’t nobody got time for that.


#3, We love Maybelline Color Blur, which comes in a variety of colors…so don’t think you need to stick with our color choice of ‘I Like To Mauve It.’ They have
plenty of dainty colors that are appropriate for behind the
mask! As you can tell, the transfer onto our mask was pretty much nonexistent! Score! The bad? Not much, but it is a little drying.


 #4, our #4 is actually our #1, we saved the best for last, DUH! Rimmels Provocalips is matte and it doesn’t MOVE off your lips until you use makeup remover! While it looked like it transferred a bit onto our mask, it somehow didn’t move a bit from our lips! This brand comes in tons of colors and with its two step system, it’s on your pretty little lips for the long hall! The bad? Sometimes you REALLY gotta scrub to get the color off, thank goodness for chapstick!



While all of our Dental Babes are perfect the way they are, there’s nothing wrong with eventuating your beauty! Will the 12 year old boy whose teeth your cleaning notice? Probz not, but he might just leave with a crush on the Dental Babe of his dreams. 🤓😂

Minty fresh, colorful kisses!




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