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What should you thank DH school for...?


We asked a handful of our Dental Babes what new hygiene school attendees will have to look forward to; what they feel they should thank dental hygiene school for now that they are full time hygienists! We're so excited to share their responses with you:


Clinicals, actually seeing patients improve on oral hygiene”
• Seth Ocampo
“I’m most thankful for the relationships I made with both patients and classmates especially! We had a pretty small class so by time graduation hit, we were all sad to part. Now we look forward to weddings and other gatherings, pretty much any excuse to all get together. So many fun memories were made with those ladies over the 2 years of seeing each other practically 24/7! It was also a blessing to be able to connect with patients on more than just a professional level. Although we only saw each other two to four times over the course of hygiene school, you can really get to know someone when they’re in your chair for four hours!”
• Jerissa Ingram
“Pinning ceremony/Graduation! Just knowing that I finally made it just made me soo happy! Also we went to a lot of dental meetings and learned so much it was great learning something in a different environment. We went to the ADHA conference in Jacksonville and that was an awesome time! So much free stuff! It helped a lot with networking too! And classmates always seemed less stressed at these meetings. They were like a breath of fresh air and a break from hygiene school in a way. Made us feel, or at least I felt like we were already RDHs!”
• Irene Del Carmen
“Becoming extremely close to my hygiene class. We still use our Facebook group. We plan baby showers for girls in our class! Also, Gaining more confidence as a person and a professional!”
• Kate Machado
“The friends who laughed, cried, and celebrated the journey with me!”
• Billy Yezic
“G R A D U A T I N G”
• Miranda Huston
“My pinning ceremony meant so much to me to know I finally made it and I found out I passed all my boards that day 🙌🏻🎉One of my favorite moments was when I had a patient he didn’t have the money for an electric tooth brush or water flosser, I contacted the rep for oral B and water pick and asked if there was anything I could do to help him get the tools to improve his home care. I went to the FDHA conference and got him the water Pik and an oral B from the reps I spoke to and was able to help him turn around his oral hygiene habits. He went from 5-6mm pocketing and active perio to three localized 4mm pockets and no bleeding in two semesters of seeing me every week to clean by sextant then a 6 week fine scale. Such a rewarding experience to watch how hygiene can make a difference”
• Alex Opper
“Still in hygiene school, but one of my favorite parts so far is getting to see who really doesn't mind spending multiple, 3 hours long appointments with me! Lol. Truly thankful for the people who have been so willing to be my patients. Also, hearing them say how great they feel after I've completed their treatment and that they feel encouraged to keep up with regular dental care”
• Kaitlyn Dailey
“With less than a week left of hygiene school I can honestly say that the long days, endless clinic hours and the thousands of assignments, tests and papers have taught me that I can really can do anything! To me the best part of hygiene school is just the pride I have in our profession, my program, my class and myself! I’m just so thankful for this hygiene journey and can’t wait to treat patients on what I’m calling the outside!”
• Callie Mayhew
“My favorite part has been watching our skills grow and improve. It’s so cool watching everything you’ve been learning come together!”
• Kelsi Johnson
“my favorite part was LA we had a summer semester combined with Nitrous and materials it was so fun and so relaxing compared to every other semester !!! It was so exciting being able to call ourselves SENIORS !!! I still can't believe we are graduating in like a couple weeks”
• Abby Banitch
Recent grads, what do you have to thank Dental Hygiene School for? We love hearing your stories!




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