The Inspirational Woman Behind: #BrownGirlRDH

Written By Brittany Klous - February 27 2019


Yasmine Zazi
November 05 2019

Such a STRONG woman!!

Jennie Walker
March 24 2019

Your story is amazing and it brings joy to my soul to know You triumphed over pain. I know it was a divine connection for you to stop me at the Hinman. I am forever grateful for meeting you yesterday. May God heal your heart and expand the BrownGirl’s community. I’m excited for you and also for my future with BrownGirls.

March 23 2019

Wowww! You are a STRONG woman!!! I’m so grateful that our paths have crossed today. I look forward to your continual success!!! #browngirlsrock

Debra Jacob
March 23 2019

You, Martelle, are a God send too others, a true angel on earth. Your inspiration to others keeps the goals attainable through perseverance and hard work. Life is not easy but Never give up. I’m so blessed to have met you!

Stef Charity
March 23 2019

So glad I met you!

March 21 2019

You are an inspiration. Your story gives hope to the hopeless and never stop being the BrownGirl RHD that you are!!

Jewel Cooper
March 21 2019

Through our test comes our testimony. Continue to soar Martelle and the entire Browngirl RDH community.

Maria Watson
March 20 2019

Never stop being the dominate force you are Martelle! You are truly a superwoman and deserve all things good in life!

Kesha Jackson
March 20 2019

I really appreciate your inspiration. You’re a strong person. I’m willing to support in any way that I can, for I was a single mom as well while attending dental hygiene school. With GOD all things are possible.

Alicia M.
March 19 2019

Keep going Martelle, you’re an inspiration to so many!

March 14 2019

Absolutely inspirational and brought me to tears. I am so glad I took the time to read your story’s
Melba Y. Smith, RDH

February 27 2019

Really, really inspirational. So glad I “swiped up” to read your story. You are an incredible woman. I am looking forward to following your journey and helping out in any way I can!

Summer Lewis RDH
Diamond Sharp

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