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OMG, Shoes!

It’s no secret that being in the dental profession has its restrictions on being fashionable. I mean, let’s face it…our hair has to be pulled up, we have to wear ugly, unisex scrubs and our makeup typically has to be kept to a minimum – what does that leave us with?! Not much…except for, well, our shoes.

So, what do your dental shoes say about you?

CONVERSE: Converse Dental Babes love what they do, but they have a little wild side. They're not afraid to skew from the norm with their super cute chucks.  Oh, and what comes after work for these cool cats? Happy Hour…and these Chuck Taylor wearin’ babes know that wearing converse to work means ease in changing into Happy Hour attire. The kick’s are already on, so all they’ve gotta do is bring leggings and a Dental Hygiene Nation Tee and they’re ready to get wild. And by wild, we mean have 5ish vodka sodas then go home to bed because, UGH, clinic tomorrow. See! Converse Dental Babes are fun, fashionable and responsible. 


NIKES: Just Flossed It! Yep, this Dental Babe GETS. SH*T. DONE. Nikes are versatile in that you can roll out of bed and head to the gym before class & all you have to bring is your scrubs to change into. Killin’ two birds with one stone…and well, just killin’ it in general. This Dental Babe is an organized mess, but hey – isn’t every Dental Student?


VANS: Got my Vans on but they look like sneakers…yep, that about sums it up. The Van’s Dental Babe is a little rough around the edges. She greets her clients who are 15 minutes late with a smile, but in her mind she is rolling her eyes and thinking, “Seriously? No like, seriously?” She’s a smart cookie too, because her Vans are COMFY like vans, but they look cute with her scrubs like sneakers. Get it? ;)

CROCS: You do you girl, Crocs mean comfort…and there’s nothing better than a Dental Babe whose comfortable in her own skin….and crocs. Bonus points if you wear the ones with the fluffy stuff on the inside, that’s that good good. We’re not judging you for rocking Crocs, really, we promise.



SPERRYS: You’re a brave girl if you rock the ever-adorable boat shoes around the office. They literally 1. make your feet sweat like you just ran 10 miles (uh yeah, definitely didn’t do that) or 2. freeze your toes off like Elsa just cast her spell on you…there is no in-between. But we’ll give it to ya, these shoes are super cute and come in TONS of styles. Oh, and did we mention they’re KILLER to break in? OUCH. Oh well, Dental babe, beauty is pain.

Whatever you wear in and out of work and school is totally up to you! We’re willing to bet you look PERF no matter what shoes are on your feet. Keep flossin, Dental Babes.



I totally remember picking what shoes to wear to clinic. I was a Nike girl. Now in private practice we wear dress clothes, so heals or ballet flats are my choice. ?

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