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DHN's 4910: Traveling To Your Love of Teeth

brush. floss. travel. repeat,

We're Traveling To Your Love of Teeth...


It’s no surprise to us that our Dental Babes love to travel…and that we LOVE to see the photos of our Babes traveling to a trade show, practicing in a new state, summer beach trips, etc.! It was a given that we had to help our subscribers travel in toothy style! We’ve also included some travel-friendly samples for you, so you can fall in love with these products just as much as we have.

Let's explore the world... 

tooth passport holder



This lightweight, slim passport holder is the perfect protection for your Passport. Protecting your passport is so important, after all, you can’t leave the country without it! We matched the importance of this product with the other most important thing…TEETH!

 tooth luggage tag



As we said, we want to make sure you’re traveling in style. We made sure to match this luggage tag with your passport cover for the ultimate toothy swag. Write your contact down on the luggage tag insert, attach it onto your suitcase and never lose your luggage again!

 gold tooth wallet



Practical wallets are all the rage these days. Let’s be real, lugging around a large wallet with every gift card, credit card, and discount card just isn’t necessary. This minimalist wallet with a super cute, toothy charm, will fit your necessities for a long trip and even for everyday use!

 o2 nose filtersNOSE FILTERS

By: O2
By combining 3M’s innovative filtration science with O2’s elegant design, O2 has created the most discreet and effective solution to protect you from breathing in airborne pollution, allergens, viruses and more; an in-nose, discreet filter. PS - These are PERFECT to wear on planes and hotel rooms where pollutants and germs surround you! 

zirc pink petal


By: Zirc

Simply slide Pink Petal onto your saliva ejector to provide continuous, comfortable, hands-free suction with no additional attachments required. By placing buccal side, the Pink Petal confidently holds the saliva ejector right where you need it, in the back corner of the patient's mouth.

 xylipops xylitol lollipops


By: Hager

These tooth-friendly lollipops are the perfect sweet (yet sugar-free) treat to throw into your carry on for a quick, post-flight pick me up! Not only are they sugar-free, but they are sweetened with natural Xylitol which makes them good for your teeth! They have a delicious strawberry flavor that is derived from beets and are virtually guilt-free!

 hello charcoal acai toothpaste


By: Hello

Hello’s naturally friendly, sustainably sourced açai toothpaste not only puts the super in superfruits, it puts some magic in your mouth. It is thoughtfully formulated for daily use with activated charcoal (made from sustainable bamboo), which helps epically whiten your teeth and freshen your breath.

hello charcoal floss



Their charcoal floss is thoughtfully designed with activated charcoal from sustainable bamboo to remove plaque. The textured floss gently grabs and lifts away the nasty stuff hiding between your beautiful pearlies, and it’s coated with vegan candelilla wax that’s formulated with xylitol so you can get down to business.

hello charcoal toothbrush


By: Hello

Hello’s toothbrushes soft bristles are so soft, they make teeth, gums, and tongues insanely happy. They’re made with activated charcoal derived from sustainable bamboo and are precisely tapered to clean between tight spots with ease. Not to mention the toothbrush handle is made from plant-based materials because, hey, they’re friendly like that.




Yasmine Zazi

I’m in love with these products!!

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