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Could you just like, chill for a sec?!


What your go-to de-stressor says about you:

Whether you’re in Dental/Dental Hygiene School or already working in the Dental Profession, it’s noooooo secret that working in this field is stressful. From unruly patients, to jerk bosses and professors, to studying and passing your boards – Dental life is GOOD, but it ain’t always easy!

We all have our ways of cHiLLiNg OuT after a long day, but here’s what your method says about you:


EXERCISING: Get it, girl! If you’re the type of Dental Babe that heads to the gym after a long day of work or class – this shows you’re a driven individual who puts their occasional negative energy to bettering themselves. Oh, and kudos…because we totally put our energy after a long day towards….
Have you seen our Just Floss It Tank - totes up your fitness alley.


WINE: I mean, it’s fine…right? Is there anything better than twisting off a cork after a day full of toddlers First Teeth Cleanings?! NOPE. Not only is wine DELISH, but it helps take your mind off of your bad day. Yep, this Dental Babe knows that wine can fix…well, pretty much anything. Cheers! To tomorrow being better. 
There might be wine in this Mug. ;)


CALL ME, BEEP ME: Ok, so after the first 2 glasses of wine you think it’s a perfect idea to call up your bestie or boyfie?  Venting dental talk for 20 minutes has them like a deer in headlights.  #SorryNotSorry But between us Dental Babes, we suggest phoning your Dental BFF – they’ll totes understand your calc walls, gleeking probs, and 323’s. Venting always, always helps. 
Keep your friends close and your Dental Squad closer.


READING: This Dental Babe isn’t JUST a Dental Nerd, but a regular nerd too ;) They know that reading after a stressful day takes them away from reality and into the scenes of the book. Oh, and sometimes the characters in the book are having a worse day than you – which will definitely help you realize that your bad days may not be so bad.
Add some Pillows to your reading throne.


NAMASTE: We know, our posture sucks!  And this dental babe takes full control of bettering their mind, body, and soul with this yoga practice.  Decompressing after a long day of chaos is the perfect medicine to regroup for a new day.  This dental babe’s mat is their sanctuary.
But have you seen our super cute Leggings?!  


BUBBLE BATHS: Ahhh, yes! Lush bath bombs surround you! I mean seriously, how heavenly is laying in a tub of hot, bubbly water after a day from h-e-double hockey sticks? This Dental Babe takes ME time seriously…and in the Dental World, ME time is certainly needed.


Two Words: RETAIL. THERAPY. Uhhh yeah, GUILTY! After a day of wearing ugly scrubs, what makes you feel more awesome than purchasing some things to make you look and feel even prettier?! Sorry, Discover Card…swipin’ is a habit.
We have a Bag for all things dental. From work, to the mall, we got you covered.


Well, Dental Babes, these are the things that come to mind when we think of unwinding after a crazy day….or week…or month…. We know, not only are we hygienists, dentist, and assistants, we are therapists, makeover artists, detectives, babysitters, counselors, and floss bosses.  The list goes on and on – pat yourself on the back because WE DO A LOT!

If you have any other relaxation secrets, please let us in on them! Lord knows, as Dental Babes, we need all the de-stressors we can get! ;)

PS: Go ahead and unwind, you deserve it!







Omg this list FEELS me. Feeling like I need to call and vent to my DH babe Catie and whine about my 10-8 day where a kid head butted me! (Maybe pick up some leggings too though)

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