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You'll probably read those words and think...well, duh - it's an absolute staple, if not THE staple, in our oral healthcare routine. While we obviously praise it for that, did you know there are a TON of other uses for floss, that have absolutely nothing to do with teeth!? Say whaaat? I'm here to give you all of the innovative ways you can regularly use floss. 

Personally, I can think of 3 ways I've used dental floss (4 if we count flossing my teeth!) over the past WEEK and I'm excited to share those, as well as a couple other ways I've heard of, with you!

I'm a huge Pop Socket lover (YEP, I currently rock the GOLD TOOTH Pop Socket) and frequently like to switch them up. Many people assume that Pop Sockets are a one-use-only phone accessory and they couldn't be more wrong! Want to swap out/off your Pop Socket for an event? Or maybe you want to adjust it to fit more comfortably in your fingers? Simply take FLOSS behind the top of the adhesive and pull the floss down in a side-by-side motion gently. This will loosen the adhesive without ruining it, so you can use it again! Once the Pop Socket is off, be sure to attach it to another surface or to the plastic covering it came with so it doesn't look stickiness! 

To fix an earring! Ever have a pair of dangle earrings where one of the metal loops detach and one of your dangles fall off?! It's the worst! You can't superglue the dangle back on because it won't be able to move or..dangle...with the other dangling pieces. HACK: Take a piece of dental floss and tie it where the metal loop was. Take a pair of very small scissors and cut the excess floss after the dangle is hung evenly and tied tightly. Why not just use thread? Floss is about 30x stronger than thread, so this will ensure your dangle doesn't dangle away again! 

Floss is a staple in my baking routine and should be in yours too for obvious reasons! As stated above, floss is strong - it will cut through your banana breads, zucchini breads, etc seamlessly! Using floss instead of a knife helps prevent the bread from crumbling. I also absolutely love to use floss after my cookies have cooled a bit to get them off the baking sheet. This ensures no crumble is left behind and your cookies come off with nothing remaining on the cookie sheet!

I've also heard of people using floss to hang pictures, organize the vegetables in their garden, as an on-the-go tongue scraper, to hang Christmas tree ornaments, and even to clean out the debris from their computer key board! The possibilities are endless with our old friend floss.

Do you use floss for something else that we've missed?! Please let us know so we can add on to our list! Floss on, dental babes! 

PS: if you were lucky enough to snag a FlossTimein your DHN's 4910 Subscription box, you're set to use all these hacks and more! 



I love the tooth pop socket! Do you still sell it and how do I get one!

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