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Above the mask part IIII: LASHES

Blink If You Floss…

Two words: Lash Extensions. You’ve heard about them, you’ve read about them, you’ve seen them on your friends…you may have even had them! As a Dental Professional, it’s probably safe to say that the thought of them has at least crossed your mind!

Just envision it now, it’s 6am..your alarm goes off…you brush your teeth, throw your hair in a messy bun with our JUST FLOSS IT headband and you’re out the door. No fussing with makeup and mascara because those lashes are already lookin’ PERF.

Of course, everything in the makeup world has its pros and cons especially our high stress dental environment.   So, we’re gonna break it down for ya! After research and trial & error, we’ve compiled a list to make your LASH EXTENSIONS DECISION easy:


  • Saves you time, precious ‘5 more minutes’ in the morning time.
  • You will always look put together, even when your life’s kind of a mess - beacause paitents. 
  • They lengthen your real lashes without causing any damage. *Do your research! and be smart about it! Don’t fall for the $50 Groupons that probably don’t have the experience they claim and CAN cause lash damage
  • No more smears! Mask on, mask off, loupes on, loupes off… we are constantly touching or manouving our dental gear throughout the day and it’s common for mascara to smear onto the lower lid.

 Dr. Alexandra George, a Pittsburgh Dentist, says she couldn’t live without her lash extensions:

“They're worth it! No more raccoon eyes by 3pm!”

  • Eyelash extensions are semi-permeant. This means you do not remove them yourself, as you would with one-time-use fake lashes. They fall out naturally and should be filled in every month.
  • Using semi-permeant lashes are less damaging than using one-time-use glue on lashes…and yes, even if you are only ripping them off once a week on Sunday mornings ;)


  • $$$ - The initial set of lashes you receive cost around $200. While that may seem like a lot, keep in mind that you will no longer be buying that $25 tube of Better Than Sex Mascara every month. Fills are usually around $60 every 2-4 weeks.
  • LOUPES – be careful with the length you choose as you don’t want your lashes bumping those lenses all day… ANNOYING! However, you can customize the length of the lashes, so choose wisely.  
  • Bye, bye oil based EVERYTHING. With Eyelash Extensions, you cannot use any oil based makeup or makeup removers. Almost all eyeliners, makeup wipes, makeup removers and foundations have oil in them. You can search online for oil-free makeup, but it does mean pitching a ton of what you already use! The good news is, with these bad boys on your lashes – you shouldn’t even need eyeliner!
  • No more eye rubbing! You’re on your fourth mental breakdown of the month and those dental tears just keep on coming.  Well keep those paws off your eyelids – rubbing your lash extensions causes friction and can potentially damage your natural lash!
  • If you have sensitive skin, tell your lash specialist! The last thing you would want is to have a reaction to something on your face. It’s not likely, but it has happened!

Whether you love your Lash Extensions? Let your fellow Dental Babes know your thoughts! Comment below and on Instagram! 

Bat them lashes, girl!




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