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ADHA Pittsburgh Attendees - Top 10 Things to do in Pittsburgh!


When In Rome…Or Pittsburgh, whatever.

PITTSBURGHESE: Yinz wanna go dahntahn for some Primanti sammiches n’at before the ADHA Session?
TRANSLATION: Do you want to go downtown and get a Primanti’s sandwich before the ADHA Session?
If you weren’t born and raised in the ‘Burgh, there’s a slim chance you know what Pittsburghese is, let alone know how to speak it! It’s the way we ‘yinzers’ communicate when we aren’t washing down our greasy pierogies with an ice-cold Iron City Beer (Don’t worry, we brush after).
If there’s one thing Pittsburgh is known for it’s…..well, actually, it’s probably the Steelers; but if there are two things Pittsburgh is known for, it’s the welcoming atmosphere the city portrays. We are always happy to have you in our city and we don’t care which sports team you’re a fan of. Unless, of course, it’s the Ravens, Browns, Bengals, Flyers, Rangers, Capitals, Cardinals or Cubs….
In all seriousness though, Pittsburgh is an awesome, friendly, welcoming city with so much to see! Lucky for you, dental babes, we are Pittsburgh Natives and we are SO excited to share with you our Top Ten of Pittsburgh’s best kept secrets, all the must sees during your stay in the City of Bridges!
Here's our top 10... 
10. The Cathedral of Learning
The Cathedral of Learning is located on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus and is a favorite study spot for many students. “Cathy,” as they call it, is the tallest educational building in our surrounding hemisphere and the second tallest university building in the entire world! Once inside the beautiful, gothic-style building, you can venture up 42 stories (yeah, don’t worry…they have elevators…) and look out two thousand windows! Though some floors and rooms are not open to the public, the views and interior are still breathtaking and definitely a sight to see.
BONUS: On your way out of Oakland, stop by “THE Original Hot Dog Shop!” While this is a favorite late night snack for PITT Students, it is also nationally known as a ‘must taste’ when in the Burgh!
9. Andy Warhol Museum
Contrary to popular belief, Pittsburgh is proud of more than just sports here; which is one of the many reasons why Andy Warhol’s Museum comes in at #9 on our list! The world-renowned artist was born in Pittsburgh, where most of his artwork still remains. The museum, located in the North Shore, is the only museum in the U.S. dedicated to one single artist. This museum has 17 galleries of one of a kind artwork that has attracted millions over the last decade. If you aren’t the artsty type, you’re in luck, because its location is in the heart of….
8. The North Shore
The Pittsburgh North Shore may possibly be one of our favorite places on earth.  It is is lined with awesome restaurants and bars, making it similar
 to Pittsburgh’s South Side (where you should totally go out to AFTER the ADHA Session, if you catch our drift J) but personally, we think the North Shore is even better! Better because it’s right on the river, better because it’s in between two of our sports stadiums, and better because it shows an incredible view of our huge, beautiful fountain at the Point *which you definitely need to see.*
7. The Strip District
The Pittsburgh Strip District is lined with vendors, shops, eats and drinks that surely bring in a crowd! Known for being culturally different, The Strip has tons of different vendors that carry unique treats and gifts! After a long day of shopping, there is one thing you’ll need – a drink! Luckily for you, the Strip has unique bars and restaurants to choose from. What if you want to continue your exploration while enjoying a cocktail? In that case, we’ve got you covered…
6. Wigle Whiskey
Wigle Whiskey, a whiskey distillery, is located at the far end of the Pittsburgh Strip District and is truly a one of a kind place.  If you haven’t heard, American whiskey was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Throughout the 1700 and 1800’s, Western Pennsylvania was the epicenter of American Whiskey production.  Wigle Whiskey is named after Philip Wigle who unwittingly helped sparked the Whiskey Rebellion.  Visitors have the opportunity to sample whiskey while going on an informative tour of the distillery. If you like what you taste, you’re able to purchase whiskey to take home with you. Now that’s a fun souvenir to bring home! Cheers!
*Tours are by reservations only! For yours, head over to:
5. Kennywood and Sandcastle
Who doesn’t love a good amusement park? Or lounging in the sun after sliding down an 85 ft water slide? Since you’re visiting the ‘Burgh in the summer, we just had to put these on our list! Kennywood Amusement Park has been around for over a century…yeah like, our Great Grand Greatest Grandest Greatest Grandpas went here…and is near and dear to all Yinzer’s hearts. The coasters will have you screaming and the rides will have you laughing! Sandcastle, on the other hand, is a waterpark that’s got it all! From a boardwalk, to a lazy river, a wave pool, slides and best of all – a Cabana Bar (HELLLLO Margaritas)! If you’re in Pittsburgh for more than a day or two, you’ve got to check out these parks! Oh, and get the Potato Patch fries at Kennywood…you won’t be sorry! #WhateverImGettingCheeseFries
 4. Phipps Conservatory
Remember those ~*BoTaNiCaL*~ Herbal Essences commercials from years ago? We swear they got their inspiration from Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is located in Schenley Park and is considered one of the greenest buildings on earth.  From their beautiful glasshouses, to the Tropical Forest Conservation, to the phenomenal flower shows and exhibits – Phipps Conservatory is definitely something you’ll want to lay your eyes on…well, that and a shirtless Sidney Crosby but ANYWAY, moving on….
 3. The National Aviary
You came to Pittsburgh at the right time…the National Aviary just had their grand opening of their Butterfly Garden! Why is there a Butterfly Garden at a place for birds, we don’t know…but we totes aren’t mad about it; who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by butterflies?! Our aviary holds over 500 birds in 150 different species! Make sure you’re prepared to see some beautiful birds, beautiful views, beautiful shows…but most of all, be ready to DUCK! These birds don’t care if you just took time to curl your hair, if you know what we mean…(ok, we were totally talking about them possibly grazing your head when they fly – but we just reread it and realized it sounded like we were warning you of bird poop to the head….LOL)
2. PNC Park
You’re coming to Pittsburgh in the heart of baseball season, so obviously you need to see MLB’s 2015 Best Ball Park! It’s pretty easy to see why PNC Park won this title; from being right on the river, to having fantastic in-park bars and food, to a view that can’t be beat. Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, you’ve gotta experience this! If you want to fit in at the game, here are some tips: wear some black and yellow, grab a Primanti’s sammich, an Iron City Beer and frequently say the words “yinz,” “n’at” and “Bucs.”
 1. Mount Washington
We feel like we could just upload a photo and that would be explanation enough as to why you need to see this flawless view. But since you wouldn’t know what to do when you got up there, I guess we should elaborate.  We highly suggest taking the INCLINE (an inclined plane railroad that takes you from the bottom of Mt. Washington to the top) from Station Square to the top of the Mount. Station Square is awesome and definitely deserves a spot on this list, but we could only choose so many! It’s on the river and lined with shops and fantastic restaurants (wanna splurge? Hit up The Grand Concourse for the best brunch of your life! #ChampagneCampaign). Once you get to the top, make sure you have a camera handy. The view is gorgeous at any time of the day, but we suggest going at night when the city is literally glistening…no, seriously – like, think of the whitest and brightest smile that you’ve EVER cleaned, THAT kind of glistening.
YEP! Come meet us, the minds behind DHN… who love all of YOU Dental Babes as much as we love teeth! Bring your Dental Besties, sit back, relax, and crack a cold one (or few) with fellow ~DeNtAL fReAkS!~ All are welcome and we promise to show you a good time! We can’t wait to meet you!
Check our social media pages next week to get the details of where to find us on Friday night!


 Minty fresh kisses, Dental Babes,

Dental Hygiene Nation 


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