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Spring Box 2024 - Unleash your Dental Athlete

Spring Box 2024 - Unleash your Dental Athlete

Welcome to the DHN Olympic Games, where dental professionals gather in the spirit of competition and camaraderie, embodying the essence of the Olympics, and the clinic transforms into a coliseum of smiles. Here, every dental professional is an athlete in their own right, striving for gold in the grand arena of oral health.

We’re embracing the luster of metallics. Our instruments and accessories gleam with the radiance of bronze, silver, and gold, symbolizing the prestigious medals awarded to the world's finest athletes. These metallics serve as a daily reminder of the high standards and achievements we all strive for in our practices.


Dental Champ Socks

Dental Hygiene Nation

Socks are an essential part of any dental professional's work attire. They not only protect your feet but can also make a statement; so why not show your dedication to your profession?! The message of DENTAL CHAMP on these socks will serve as a reminder to strive for excellence in every aspect of your work! These socks are perfect for any dental professional looking to add a touch of personality to their work attire while maintaining a professional appearance. Go get the gold…..tooth that is!


Olympic Gold Mouth Mirror

Dental Hygiene Nation

While you’re going to get that gold tooth, a perfect instrument to help you is DHN’s Olympic Gold Mouth Mirror! Like most Olympians, we love anything that helps us be the best version of a (dental) athlete we can be. The mirror's gold finish not only adds a touch of elegance to the dental office but also serves a practical purpose in every operatory.


Dental Champ Tumbler

Dental Hygiene Nation

Whether you're enjoying coffee in the morning or a refreshing iced tea in the afternoon, or staying hydrated from patient to patient, this tumbler is the perfect way to show off your dedication to your profession while staying hydrated and caffeinated. With its durable construction and versatile design, the Dental Champ tumbler is a must-have accessory for any dental professional on the go!


Team DHN Sticker

Dental Hygiene Nation

The Team DHN sticker is a great way to show your support for the dental industry and being part of our team here at DHN! These stickers can be placed on notebooks, laptops, phone cases, water bottles, and more, making it easy to display your love for dentistry wherever you go. The design is simple yet eye-catching, featuring the DHN logo and the words "Team DHN" in bold letters.


Team DHN Keychain

Dental Hygiene Nation

…and what’s better than matching all your accessories together with a matching keychain to boot?! Hook your dorm, office, house, and/or car keys onto this toothy keychain to keep them all linked together in one place!


Dental Champ Headband

Dental Hygiene Nation

Our Dental Champ twist headband is not only a stylish accessory but a sensible one too. It keeps hair out of your face and away from patients, allowing you to concentrate on your work with no distractions. The message of "Dental Champ" on the headband will serve as a reminder to strive for excellence in every aspect of your work. It's a must-have accessory for any dental professional looking to add a touch of personality to their daily work attire.


EZ Jet Casette Slim 8-Place

Sponsored by Zirc Dental Products

The EZ Jett Casette is a versatile and convenient instrument holder that can hold up to eight instruments. Its open top design, rounded holes, and corners allow for superior water flow compared to normal cassettes, ensuring excellent cleaning and sterilization. Additionally, the covers attached to the cassette can be easily opened and folded back, making it effortless to access the instruments inside. To add more convenience, the cassette comes with a Syringe Tip that attaches to its side. It is Autoclavable up to 136°C/277F° and can also be Washer-disinfected.


GUM Multi-Clean Toothbrush

Sponsored by Sunstar

The GUM Multi-Clean toothbrushes are designed to provide patients with a thorough brushing experience. These toothbrushes feature bristles with a multi-level interdental cut that can reach deep between teeth and remove plaque effectively. The soft bristles on the toothbrushes are gentle on gums while still being able to clean teeth effectively. Additionally, the toothbrushes come with a tongue cleaner that helps remove bacteria and freshen breath. Win the GOLD with minty fresh breath!


GUM Soft Picks Advanced

Sponsored by Sunstar

GUM Soft Picks Advance is an excellent dental accessory for those looking for a more comfortable way to clean between teeth and massage gums. The advanced design features a longer handle and a curved design that makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas. The comfortable bristles gently remove plaque, dislodge food, and massage gums. Additionally, the tight version has a 35% smaller tip diameter and a 23% smaller base diameter, making it ideal for those with smaller gaps between teeth. Moreover, it is not made with natural rubber latex and is unflavored.


GUM Twisted Floss

Sponsored by Sunstar

GUM Twisted Floss effectively removes plaque from between teeth and under the gumline, where brushes can't reach. Created with a special double twisted string design, it is not only strong, but creates up to 30% more flossing surface. The refreshing minty green tea taste helps encourage compliance by creating a pleasant flossing experience.


Profisil® Fluoride Varnish

Sponsored by Kettenbach

Profisil® Fluoride Varnish is an innovative dental product that offers numerous benefits to both dental professionals and their patients. The formula contains 5% sodium fluoride in a mucosa-friendly, pleasantly flavored dimethicone gel. Unlike traditional varnishes, this formula does not contain ethyl alcohol or colophony (rosin), reducing the potential for soft tissue irritation or rosin-based allergies. The most significant benefit of using Profisil® Fluoride Varnish is the absence of stinging, stickiness, tackiness, and clumping often experienced with traditional fluoride varnishes. Instead, patients feel a smooth, silky, lubricious surface on their teeth, providing a natural, clean experience.


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