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Your Patients...the good, the bad, the ugly, the OMG moments...

'Sorry, I was late because I have sunburn.’
 …uhh, what?

‘Hey, can I get your number?’
…okay buddy, let’s be serious, I just flossed your teeth and practically bathed in your blood. You and I – we’d never work out.

‘Be careful with my crown, I superglued it back on.’
*jaw drops* 

‘If I run out of dental floss, I typically just use my hair…’

‘Well, I don’t floss because it just pushes the plaque down into my gums.’
…I seriously cannot. I can’t. 

Dental babes, let’s be real…like really real. We’ve heard the good, the bad, the ugly, the disgusting, theyou can’t actually be serious right now, can you?’ and so much more. Our profession is awesome, we love what we do…but we also shake our heads um-teen times a day in confusion at half the you-know-what our patients say.

We all have that Dental Squad Chat where we talk half about Dental Life and half about boys, wine and what our plans are for the weekend….so, SPILL IT. We want to hear from you! What is the weirdest, craziest, most unbelievable W.T.F moment you’ve had since becoming a hygienist? dental assistant? Or dentist?

We want to hear them ALL! Comment below OR on our Instagram post and we’ll pick one story that makes cringe the hardest. That best story we read will win a shout out on Social Media AND a surprise package from DHN.

We seriously can’t wait to read these…we totally plan on opening  a bottle of wine (or 3) and reading these OMG-moments.

*Winner to be announced on Friday, November 4th at 4pm EST.
*Please do not mention any specific names, practices, or schools. 



Me: Any changes with your medications?
Patient: Not yet they haven’t figured out which one has cause my extreme vaginal itching. (Had to stop 2 times during the appointment for her to “itch” & tries to shake my hand on the way out!)


Me: suctioning my patients mouth
Patient: woah! That thing would be fun to use on a date….


I didn’t put my bridge back on because when it popped off it hurt too bad. Can you make my nubs prettier?


Me: Any known allergies from the list provided?
65 yr old patient: I’m almost positive im allergic to latex but only in the vaginal area, I get a burning sensation and it isn’t pretty.
Me: Okay TMI moving on…


Me: *Places lead apron on patient and it covers him all the way to his knees
Patient: "Oh this protects my private area too? I don’t use that anymore.
Me: ?


Well I don’t like “cleaning” because my gums bleeds.


Can you please remove all of my silver fillings because the government implanted chips to track me in them and I don’t want fluoride because I can’t have my mind anymore controlled.

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